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In May of this year, NCS writer TheMadIsraeli introduced us to a Moscow band called Kartikeya, and included links for downloads (here). Apart from the stunningly good (and quite different) death metal to be found on the band’s latest album, Mahayuga, that album also featured remarkable artwork by a Russian artist, “Mstibog” Kirenkov. We included a lot of his album art with TheMadIsraeli’s review.

Yesterday I found out that on October 1, a label called Grailight Productions will be releasing a new limited edition Kartikeya “single” titled Durga Puja, and it will include the amazing artwork of Mstibog once again. Up above is the cover, depicting the ten-handed war goddess Durga.

The new single will include covers of songs by Sepultura and Melechesh, re-recorded and re-arranged versions of songs from Kartikeya’s first album The Battle Begins, a live version of a song called “The Path”, and a brand new song, “Durga Puja”, which was mixed/mastered by the producer Logan Mader (Soulfly, Gojira, Divine Heresy, W.A.S.P., DevilDriver, etc.). After the jump, you can see the track list.

Also after the jump you can hear Kartikeya’s cover of “Triangular Tattvic Fire” by Melechesh. It’s a blowtorch blast of wonderfully vicious, hard-charging, eastern-tinged, blackened death metal and it sounds fantastic.  I’m really looking forward to this single.

First, here’s the Durga Puja track list:

1. Durga Puja (new)
2. Enter My Dome 2011
3. Nemesis (acoustic version)
4. The Path (live)
5. Triangular Tattvic Fire (Melechesh cover)
6. Arise (Sepultura cover)

Now, here’s the Melechesh cover:

[soundcloud url=”″]


  1. Wait so first it’s the Melechesh cover and then it’s the Sepultura cover? IT’S THE MAGICALLY CHANGING SONG.

  2. It’s Kartikeya covering Sepultura covering Melechesh.

  3. Haven’t listened to the song yet, but that cover is goddamn gorgeous!

  4. I just liked em on facebook to get more info on them and the EP. Apparently, there was some type of “Re-record this Mastodon track” contest as part of The Hunter’s promotion. Kartikeya submited this:

    Hot damn. These guys are swiftly becoming my favorite new band. They need some more serious exposure. Like, Kvelertak out of nowhere in-demand exposure. Thanks so much for introducing me to them and spreading the gospel. Tell your friends: Don’t sleep on motherfucking Kartikeya.

    • Hot damn is right. Thanks for that link. I sure hope the word spreads about these guys. They deserve far more attention than they’re getting.

      • Word: spread.

        Somewhat related: for some reason I always find bands from other countries indulging the mythology of yet other countries amazingly fascinating. I mean it makes sense for a Finnish band to (lyrically and/or melodically) borrow from Finnish folklore but seems somehow strange when a Russian band dives into Hinduism. It’s kind of like looking through binoculars with a magnifying glass…you’re seeing another culture through another culture.

        Never mind. This band kicks fucking ass.

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