Sep 272011

Bacon strips, bitches. Authentic camping experience, complete with acetylene campfire starter and urine streams to bring the heat down to proper marshmallow-roasting temperature. Candied bacon strips and Jack Daniels and drizzling chocolate and layering the shit three and four across. And of course stuffing your fucken face with it when it’s all done. That’s metal. That’s all I got to say about this shit.


  1. That is the most erotic thing I have ever seen.

  2. You have got to be fucking kidding me. There’s no way a human being could eat that and survive.

    • They all eat things like that on a weekly basis. They are definitely still alive (although last week they did have a zombie episode, so maybe they aren’t alive anymore)

  3. We need to get a partnership with Harley Mortensen (red haired dude/sauce boss/next level cooking show genius) and get in on some of that next level front page youtube money.

  4. I admire their ingenuity (if it could be called that) and their dedication to…epic…ness….but I think I just vomited a little into my mouth. And then a lot all over my feet.

  5. Vomit is metal if Vomitory’s “Regorge In The Mourge” video is any indicator.

  6. Only in America.

  7. Um….

    The cookie dough with Little Debbies in it would’ve actually been enough for my liking. Chocolate and bacon isn’t so bad either. But this is just overkill. I think I felt my arteries clogging up just watching this. This is a culinary clusterfuck put together by a dude of bros for no good reason.

    There’s epic, and then there’s stupid and wasteful. The line between the two isn’t always easy to see.


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