Sep 272011

Norwegian black metal band Taake will be releasing their fifth full-length album, Noregs Vaapen, on November 1 in the U.S. on Dark Essence Records. It hit the streets in Europe on September 20, and we’re planning a review of it. It includes guest appearances by some signal names of the black metal elite, including Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone), Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Demonaz (Immortal), and Skagg (Gaahlskagg, Deathcult), as well as producer and Vulture Industries frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen.

To begin whipping the faithful into a froth of anticipation for the album, today Taake premiered a music video for a track from the album called “Nordbundet” on the website of a Norwegian radio station called Pyro. The video is a mix of expertly filmed and edited live concert footage and scenes of the countryside around Taake’s hometown of Bergen filmed by Taake’s frontman Hoest — snow-covered firs and mountains, grey skies, isolated cabins, panoramas both beautiful and harsh.

The song itself is one I’ve had on repeat play this morning. It’s got a head-thumping, rock-style beat reminiscent of some of Darkthrone’s more recent efforts, charged with irresistible riffing. Near the end, it transitions into a blaze of memorable tremolo’d melody. And, of course, Hoest’s vocals are absolutely scalding. Very cool song, very cool video. Watch it after the jump (and prepare to headbang).

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  1. WAANT TAAKE ::blackmetalgasm::

    Shit, even my 2 year old was headbanging to this.

  2. Heard the album already! It kicks ass! Gentlemen, there is a banjo solo in it.

    • > there is a banjo solo in it.

      HOLY SHIT. I was already pumped as hell after hearing this track (have yet to get my hands on an album leak) but I think you’ve just pushed me over the edge from excitable and anticipatory to full-fledged third-stage rabies.

      There’d better be a US tour!

  3. Oh heck yeah, those riffs sound crazy. The whole song is just great. I hope they also do a US tour because I’d love to see Taake live one day, ugh that would be such a glorious night.

    • I would kill someone’s family, though not my own, to see Taake in the US. Unfortunately, all I have is this, but at least it may bring some joy to our European readers. This is a fucking great lineup:

      “TAAKE will celebrate the release of the album with a special live set at Det Akademiske Kvarter in Bergen on the 30th September, and will then head out for a European tour in October with fellow Bergen Blackened Metallers BYFROST and the UK’s DONN THE PHILOSOPHY. Tour itinerary, including newly confirmed dates as follows:

      14 – The Rock, Copenhagen (DK)
      15 – Die Werkstatt, Koln (DE)
      16 – Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)
      17 – Gloppe, Leeuwarden (NL)
      18 – Biebob, Vosselaar (BE)
      19 – Underworld, London (UK)
      20 – Glazart, Paris (FR)
      21 – Club 45, Zug (CH)
      22 – Hellraiser, Leipzig (DE)
      23 – Melodka, Brno (CZ)”

  4. this is definately one of, if not the best, BM albums of the year. And yes, the banjo solo rules! it comes out of nowhwere and fits so unbelievably perfectly. The whole albums kicks a whole lot of ass.

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