Oct 042011

Got a tip this morning from our favorite Finnish Night Elf, Fireangel. She advised that a Finnish band called Profane Omen had just released a new music video for a song called “Wastehead”. With a song title like that, I figured it was a tailor-made theme song for moi. So I watched the video. It opens with a hella good scream. Made me think about the fact that lots of metal songs start with screams, or roars — just a good ol’ vocal eruption, like the singer is trying to turn his body inside out. I can’t immediately think of any other genre of music where that happens. So fuckin cool.

After the vocal Vesuivus, Profane Omen proceeds to just rock the fuck out. As Fireangel correctly pointed out, the music is both melodic and intense, with a mix of harsh screaming and clean vocals. It’s a blistering slice of thrash ‘n’ roll with a catchy chorus, and it’s from Finland, which means even if you don’t love it, you will respect it. Also, it’s from Finland.

“Wastehead” appears on the band’s third full-length album, Destroy!, which was released by Spinefarm Records in Finland last week and will be issued in the rest of Europe and in North America . . . someday. Catch the “Wastehead” video (and one more older video) after the jump. As I watched the chick in this vid, I was thinking she looked like she’d just read one of Phro’s reviews.

For more info about Profane Omen, HERE is the link for their official site, and THIS LINK will take you to their FB page. Destroy! can be ordered now from RecordShopX, which ships internationally.

Fireangel also suggested this earlier Profane Omen video for a song called “Left To Disintegrate”:

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    As I watched the chick in that vid, I was thinking “how did she get all that puke on her dress but not on her face or in her hair or on the floor?”

  2. This seems like a band I shouldn’t like what with the back and forth between growls, cleans, and high screeches. But I do.

    Quite a bit in fact!

    The girl though…was that diarrhea or dry blood???

  3. I remember somehow bumping into them during my early days of metal and reaaaally liking the stuff. Something on the levels of constant listening day after day. Must’ve been one of the EP’s from 2001-2002. Then I sorta lost them, dunno why really. During the last years they’ve managed to grow abit of a name in here and you hear the name poppin’ out inceasingly and i’m just wondering why I can’t get myself into liking this stuff. Still I see them as stand-outs, but even then it’s just not doing it for me.

  4. Islander I’m sick of your lies about girls reading this site.

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