Oct 042011

This just in from our Noise correspondent, Phro: SCION A/V has made available for free download a collection of five new tracks from Singapore grind masters Wormrot. The compilation is called Noise. It went up for download on Sept 20, but I missed that news (thank you Phro for the alert). Here’s the track list:

1.  Loathsome Delusions
2.  False Assumptions
3.  Outburst of Annoyance
4.  Breed to Breed
5.  Perpetual Extinction

After the jump, I’ve got a stream of all five songs, plus the download link. But almost as amazing as that, I’ve got Phro’s custom-crafted, NCS-appropriate, pictorial encouragement, urging all of you to listen to Wormrot.

You can go download Noise by following THIS LINK. You can check out the tracks right here:

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1129141″ height=”200″]

  13 Responses to “WORMROT: “NOISE””

  1. Jesus, first Phro threatens us with a hobo, then a psychopathic monkey? The conclusion I draw from this is that he has an army of unspeakably evil creatures at his disposal (most of which are made out of poop and tentacles, I imagine).

  2. You know you can request a free physical copy of this release from Scion? Literally just before I read this I got an email confirming I can have a free copy, and asking if I wanted it in vinyl or CD form.

  3. Spoke too soon USA only.

  4. Well, Soundcloud seems to be down at the moment, which explains why you can’t see the music player. I trust it will be back up soonish.

  5. Holy shit! Did you hear that NWOBHM riff in “Perpetual Extinction” too or was I just imagining it?

  6. Never could really get into these guys. Grind like this rarely does it for me anyway. However, to be NCS honest, I was expecting some kind of horrible thing from Phro, not a loris. I’m surprised the loris didn’t explode when listening to Wormrot. Like with sloths, I would expect sludge, doom and stoner music to be more loris friendly.

    • I’m curious now as to what kind of grind you do like. I’m still exploring grindcore, so I’d really value suggestions/recommendations.

      Well, sometimes cute is more terrifying than terrifying. For example, Miffy. http://www.miffy.com/img/nijntje_noflash.gif
      I’m pretty sure that thing is a re-animated butt zombie from Uranus, but everyone thinks it’s SOOOO cute…

      And *I* love Wormrot, so listening to them is like mixing cocaine into my espresso for a quick pick me up, so I imagined it would have similarly psychotic effects on a loris…

      Though maybe a half-squished cockroach would have been more appropriate, now that I think about it…

      • Phro just….WTF…now I gotta go scrub my retinas, dammit. Also, I’m a big Wormrot fan so I went beserk when I saw this new stuff and download link.

      • Well, that’s hard to say. Grind (of any variety) isn’t something I’ve really explored a whole lot. Cattle Decapitation comes to mind, but only because I can think of their name without too much effort. I liked Wiolence Conjugale’s contribution to the French Faces Of Gore compilation Islander mentioned last June (mostly because it was a different approach), plus a couple other tracks from the list. As a whole, it’s an area that doesn’t really appeal to me. And it doesn’t help that some of these bands (or individuals who record and call it a band) come across as some really sick and demented fuckers, and not in the *ahem* charming way that you do.

        I wonder if a loris would like a cockroach. Or chocolate covered grasshoppers. Or chocolate ants, for that matter. Fuck, let’s go the other way…. chocolate dipped bacon.

        • If you ever get the chance, go look at the song “Choose” by Rotten Sound. It’s got a pretty good melody (if you could call it that) that persists throughout the song. Also, some of the stuff off of the album Cursed is pretty good.

      • As Grinder said, Rotten Sound is a pretty solid choice. I would also recommend Gadget.They’re in a similar vein.

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