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If you haven’t yet heard about Vallenfyre, then you must be new to NCS, because we’ve been frothing at the mouth about them ever since August, when we heard samples of a couple of songs and few people knew the identities of the band members (see our first post here and our update here). Now, the mystery has been solved, and the debut Vallenfyre album, A Fragile King, is due for release by Century Media on November 1.

Since our last post, there have been lots of developments coming out of the Vallenfyre camp. Most recently, as in today, a new song from the album premiered on the DECIBEL web site. The song is called “Desecration”, and in a much-appreciated display of generosity, DECIBEL has made the song stream embeddable, allowing us to play it for you right after the jump — but it will only be streaming for two days. I’m rushing at the moment, so I won’t try to craft a description — I’ll just say you need to hear it. (DECIBEL did provide a nice description of the music, and I’m including that after the jump, too.)

Also, (1) Vallenfyre now has a Facebook page (here); (2) you can hear snippets of all the songs on Amazon UK here; (3) you can pre-order the CD and a shirt here; and (4) the eye-catching album art is out (though you probably guessed that one already, didn’t you?).

After the jump, the song. Also, Vallenfyre rules.

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/decibelmagazine/vallenfyre-desecration/s-bmPh9″]

Here’s the DECIBEL description of the music:

Vallenfyre’s debut album, The Fragile King, blends Mackintosh’s early influences—a bit of Celtic Frost, bloody stumps of Autopsy, Nihilist’s frosty heaviness, the dissonance of Amebix, Discharge’s no-frills drive, a sustained riff or two from Candlemass, and Trouble’s doomed tendencies—into a sonic force that, especially considering the age of its lineup, bites deep and hard. Most importantly, it doesn’t feel manufactured. The trademark HM-2 heft is there, but Mackintosh and Glencross’ penchant for the morose lends a new air to NWOODM (New Wave of Old-School Death Metal).

  22 Responses to “VALLENFYRE: “DESECRATION””

  1. Nice!

  2. Totally stoked for this.

  3. This sucks. I can’t stream the song from work. Dumb ass IT and their restrictions.

    • As long as they let you go home within the next 48 hours, you’ll be able to make the stream. And if they don’t, it’s time to get medieval on they ass.

      • The funny thing is, I could watch porn on this computer if I were so inclined and didn’t care about losing my job. Hell I can watch the new Behemoth video (which is fucking good pancake), but I can’t stream this song.

  4. I found a youtube vid of the song. That is some good stuff right there. Cant’ wait to hear the rest!

  5. Well damnit, the player for the song isn’t showing up for me. Also, the player on the Wormrot post isn’t but it was earlier. I’ve tried going to Decibel but it isn’t there either and some posts on other sites aren’t giving me embeded Soundcloud players. My wife was just on facebook and none of the pics are showing up there. Is anyone else having trouble or is my computer shitting on me?

  6. Gawd-DAMN this fuckin’ rules! Can’t wait for the full-length!

  7. Soundcloud still seems to be down, but this appears to be a digital rip of the two songs that were included on the original Vallenfyre 7″ single released by Imperium Productions, which motivated Century Media to sign them. It includes “Desecration”:


  8. Nice, I’m finally convinced to put this on the get list.

  9. Song kicks ass.

    I had to refresh a couple times to get the player to show up. I downgraded to IE 8 (yes, I actually use Internet Emasculator), so that seems to have helped; I was having issues getting players (audio and video alike) to load under IE9.

    • It actually wasn’t an Internet Emasculator problem. Soundcloud’s site was down for a big chunk of the day, which meant all the Soundcloud embeds throughout the web were down, too. Looks like they finally fixed whatever the problem was.

  10. Now THAT is gangster as fuck.


    That is all.

  12. *moisten*

  13. Cool artwork, but NWOODM is the dumbest acronym yet.

  14. Well, Soundcloud is down again after briefly resuming life late yesterday. Here’s the latest status update from Soundcloud:

    “01:08pm CET: After seeing the service stabilize for a while this morning CET, we’re still experiencing an unidentified network related outage resulting from an unusual high amount of traffic and are working all hands on deck to identify and fix the root cause for the outage.”

    I can give ’em a clue, and the clue is: Vallenfyre.

  15. in that case lets leave the track up for 2 more days;)

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