Oct 102011

Isn’t that just the most fucken rad name for a metal band? Actually, Eldritch Flamethrower isn’t exactly a full-fledged metal band just yet, but they’re on their way. I know about them because of their connection to Oregon’s Arkhum, a band to whom we’ve paid a fair bit of attention at NCS (because they are also fuckin rad), most recently here. Specifically, Arkhum’s bassist Matt Edwards is on lead vocals, Arkhum’s vocalist Kenneth Parker is on bass and backing vocals (sounds like a game of musical chairs), and Arkhum’s guitarist Stephen Parker is doing the production work plus yelling along on gang vocals.

But this isn’t an all-Arkhum side project. It also includes Sean Corkum from another (recently deceased) Eugene-based outfit called Rocket Propelled Chainsaws (there’s another fucking rad band name for you) and Nathan Kelley from the sludge band Boneblossom (yep, there’s another one). All I’ve heard from Eldritch Flamethrower so far is a track called “Human Barbeque”, which is a f*cking rad song title. The final mix on the song isn’t even finished, but it’s more than enough to get me up and stomping around the room, scaring the piss out of my cat and disturbing the termites who’ve started a home-sweet-home in the baseboards.

It’s raw, primal, punk-y thrash, but without the classic vocal style that I often find annoying about thrash. It’s party music for a cannibal feast. Sean Corkum has cooked up some nasty headbanging riffs, and he executes a charcoal-fired solo that’s so smokin’ you can almost smell the human flesh on the grill. Yum!

Speaking of which, I really want to yell “Human Barbeque!” along with the gang vocals on this track. In fact, I think I will do that right now, especially because I’m running out of variant spellings for the word FUCKING. You can sing along, too, because I decided to stream the song right after the jump.  (also, the photo I lifted for this post is copyrighted by Tristan Savatier)


[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Eldritch-Flamethrower-Human-Barbeque-Demo.mp3|titles=Eldritch Flamethrower – Human Barbeque (Demo)]

You like that? If you do, you can download it at the new Eldritch Flamethrower Facebook page HERE.

UPDATE: I now have a photo of the Flamethrowers, so I can use that instead of ripping off other people’s photos. They look like they’re workin’ up an appetite for a big haunch of human thigh, charred on the outside and bloody on the inside:


  1. Fuck yeah! Nothing like putting this on in the kitchen and the giving your roommate the “I’m really fucking hungry but can’t afford meat and you look pretty damn tasty” look.

    Maybe that’s why I keep getting evicted…

  2. Just for everybody’s info, there’s new track, “Nuclear Holofrost”, up at http://www.facebook.com/eldritchflamethrower as of this evening. We’re killing mutants among irradiated frozen tundra this time around.


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