Oct 102011

The new album by Insomnium, One For Sorrow, has been making the rounds here among the NCS staff, and it’s been uniformly drawing praise. Despite a fair amount of clean singing, even I am digging it. In the near future we will have at least one review, from Andy Synn, but the point of this post is to alert you to the news that the entire album is now streaming at a Finnish web site called Inferno. And to get there and start eating up the goodness, follow THIS LINK.

Over and out. Whatever that means.


  1. I’m probably on my 6th listen-through now, and I can’t get enough. Insomnium have been one of my all time favorite bands for about two years now, and for me, this is unquestionably their best work to date.

  2. Most impressed. They seem have incorporated some of that “atmospheric sorrow” (does that even make sense? haha) that was present on Since the Day It All Came Down, but scaled back on AtWW and missing almost entirely from AtD. Longer, more fleshed out songs too which I prefer. I ordered the casket edition from the band’s webstore, in addition to the vinyl and limited edition release, so I’m an Insomnium fanboy through and through.

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