Oct 122011

It’s been too long since we last showed some love for our blog brethren at Death Metal Baboon, so we’re remedying that. If you haven’t discovered the delights of DMB, you should. Here at NCS, we pride ourselves on promoting underground metal by spotlighting not-so-well-known bands from around the world, as well as the bigger names that everyone has heard of — but in that department, DMB has got us beat. Especially for metal coming out of Europe, they do an excellent job ferreting out musical gems from bands who don’t get much exposure here in the States, and DMB writer (and frequent NCS commenter) byrd36 does the same for State-side music.

Apart from showing some love and appreciation for DMB, the purpose of this post is to alert you to two recent pieces of content at that site I thought might interest you. The first is an entertaining and informative interview that DMB head-honcho Niek Baboon conducted with Dutch folk-metal band Heidevolk. You remember Heidevolk, don’t you? They were included in one of our MISCELLANY posts in late August (here), and  that mention has led to increased attention to folk metal at NCS (thanks in large part to the energies of our guest contributor Trollfiend). Check out Niek’s recently expanded interview HERE. When it comes to the Dutch, it takes one to know one.

The second piece of DMB content concerns a 3-piece UK instrumental metal band called Bleaklow. Niek reviewed their latest EP (The Sunless Country) HERE. His review led me to listen to the album, and today he alerted me to the fact that it’s now available for download on Bandcamp at a “name your price” option. The EP is one, long, 24-minute song. Like Niek, I have some trouble describing it, except to say that I like it a lot. It’s more on the prog side of the spectrum than most of the music we cover here, but it’s definitely headbang-worthy. Gritty, compelling, stripped-down prog with heavy balls. And a sweet sax solo in Part IV of the song. I’m including the second part of the song after the jump, and you can stream the whole thing via that Bandcamp link.


[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Bleaklow-The-Sunless-Country-03-II.mp3|titles=Bleaklow – The Sunless Country – II]

  11 Responses to “BONUSES FROM THE BABOON”

  1. My Dutch blood has mad love for that Heidevolk interview…I’m stoked to hear this “more metal” sound they’re talking about.

    • Aye, me too. I wonder what it’s going to be in exactly though. More Metal-like riffs (more galloping) perhaps? I don’t think (or hope) that they’ll step away from the clean singing!

  2. We love you too, NCS!

  3. My Dutch friends love Heidevolk. Then again they are metal newbies compared to be, so they love and tolerate all this folk nonsense. If done properly (ARKONA) and the music still has an edge and bite to it then it can be great (having a cute blonde Russian broad with a great vocal range helps as well). But otherwise it comes across as a crappy trend. It ain’t hair metal though, so it beats the crap I had to endure in the 80’s I suppose. LOL

    The BLEAKLOW I enjoy. The first 4 minutes didn’t “sell me”, but I’m through minute 13 and will definitely be checking out more about this band 🙂

    • Considering folk metal is at least a couple of decades old now I don’t know that it qualifies as a “trend”.

      • I know, but it’s still a FAD to me. One that has worn out its welcome as well. 🙂

        That’s my opinion ad I’m sticking to it.

        • Fair enough. You may want to go ahead and skip any guest posts by me, then.

          • Well I always like to check things out, even if I give it 30 seconds and then scoff at the very thought of it. LOL

            Besides Arkona and some Moonsorrow, can’t say I really enjoy any other folk band. Most are just not heavy enough and way to happy and/or goofy for me to take seriously as a geniune “metal band”.

            • I get your point, Kevin- there is a world of difference between metal that is tinged with folk influences, and straight-up folk with maybe a distorted guitar and a little bit of yelling.

              One of my favorite discoveries of the past year was Yggdrasil, which might manage to hold your interest. No hint of happy or goofy here. http://www.yggdrasil-sweden.com

  4. Bleaklow are quite good. I like instrumental metal that is not all about playing as many weird chords as fast as possible.

    Another band in a similar vein but a little doomier are Wiht (also from UK). Check them out here http://wihtleeds.bandcamp.com

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