Oct 122011

Late last week in a post about free downloads I included a song by Italy’s Graveworm called “See No Future”, which will appear on their new album (the eighth), Fragments of Death, which Nuclear Blast will be releasing on October 21. In the same post I included a song from Immolation’s new free EP released by Scion A/V.

So, yesterday a video appeared for the Immolation song I featured, and by happenstance one has now appeared for the Graveworm song, too. So, playing that Graveworm video for you seemed like a fitting way to close our posting day, especially since we’ve been kind of death-metal focused in our music this Wednesday.

I gather from a few comments on last week’s post that this song may be something of a departure from Graveworm’s previous sound, perhaps too much goth/pop influence in the chorus melody in the eyes (ears) of some. But I still really like it. The video is decent, too, though I’m not sure I fully understand its meaning. The band has explained that the masks are connected to the view that the planet has no future, but what’s the significance of the schematics that flash on the screen? Comments are welcome, of course, whether about the video or the song — which is still available for download here. Video after the jump.


  1. For some reason the video bugs me.

    Actually, it REALLY bugs me.

    I’ve seen this whole “futuristic augmented reality/UI overlay while the band plays” before. DragonForce used this same thing for the “Heroes of Our Time” music video, and there’s no way I can get that out of my head while watching this.

    • Yeah, I haven’t seen the DragonForce video, but I also found the schematics distracting, and needlessly distracting at that, since it doesn’t have any clear symbolic significance (or maybe I’m just dense). I would have been happy just watching the band play (though I feel that way about the majority of metal videos I see).

  2. Islander – After stepping off my high horse and stepping back and thinking about the dynamics, I can see how someone not familiar with Graveworm’s work would really like this song. I think what my original complaint was is that the song has no complexity, which is what I really like about their previous work, so to me, it was a disappointment.

    After listening to the song with an open mind and trying to block out my earlier opinion and judge it on its own merit, I agree with you , it’s not as bad as I originally surmised. I am just not writer enough to articulate what I feel, but the song still seems like it is missing something.

    • I don’t thinking you’re being inarticulate at all. I agree with you that the chorus melody is fairly simple, and approaching the song from the perspective of someone who is really unfamiliar with their past work, I just took it for what it was (liking it). Maybe if I’d been more of a student of their previous albums, I’d be reacting like you did initially.

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