Oct 172011

The almighty Krisiun have a new album on the way. Called The Great Executioner, it will be released by Century Media in Europe on October 31 and in the U.S. on November 1.

Previously, Krisiun released a song from the album called “The Will To Potency”, which you can find for immediate brain-slaying purposes here.

This morning, the band released the second single from the album, entitled “Rise and Confront”.

You can hear it via the Soundcloud player below.

I really don’t need to say anything more, do I?

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/25726153″]


  1. The Brazilians have always had a certain brand of brutality you just won’t get anywhere else. Love this song.

  2. Soundcloud doesn’t seem to like android.

    Play, damn you, plaaaaaaaay!

  3. I only have Assassination and Southern Storm, so I can’t speak for any of the stuff before that, but just based on those two albums, it seems like Krisiun have a formula that they follow to make death metal, and never deviate far from it. That would bug me if the formula weren’t FACE-BREAKINGLY AWESOME.

    Keep doing what you do best, Krisiun, and I will keep listening and loving it until the end of time.

  4. both songs are good stuff. I’m by no means a Krisiun expert, but those 2 new songs seemed a little more “mid paced” than their usual blasting affair, right ?

  5. I don’t have anything by Krisiun, and this may be the third song that I’ve heard from them ever… but I’m at the very least intrigued. It might be a grower, but I might pick this up.

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