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I don’t have any scientific way of knowing the musical tastes of the people who visit this site, just rough guesses. My rough guess is that most of the music in this post will be on the outer edge of the comfort zone of most visitors, or maybe outside it altogether. But since I’m starting with Krisiun, maybe that will buy me some leeway from all our necrovorous readers on the final four entries in this round-up. And if it doesn’t, well, I’ve got teflon skin, so you can piss on me in the comments and it will roll right off, no harm done.

I admit that Krisiun is more down the middle of my own comfort zone, too, but for me, the outer edges of the zone are way out there, as the spectrum of this music proves. So, in addition to the new song from Krisiun, I found something to like about all the other new songs included in this post — from Censura (Ireland), The Browning (U.S.), Whitechapel (U.S.), and Subrosa (U.S.). Two of these new songs, by the way, are captured in well-made music videos, and so maybe you’ll be distracted by the moving pictures, though I hope you’ll get something out of the music, too.


The three, mean-ass, Brazilian death-metal overlords in Krisiun have a new album on the way. Called The Great Executioner, it will be released by Century Media in Europe on October 31 and in the U.S. on November 1. About 10 days ago, Krisiun released a song from the album called “The Will To Potency”. Somehow, I missed it until this past weekend. It’s stupendous, titanic, mind-bending. It lashes together strikingly proficient technical musicianship, bursts of head-spinning melody, guitar solos so white-hot as to melt lead, and the voraciously unclean vocal roars we all know and love so well. And wait ’til you hear the song’s intro. Limber up your neck muscles and hear this (right after the jump):


Censura is an unsigned Irish band who wrote NCS recently about their new music video for a song called “The Voice”, which appears on a forthcoming four-song EP entitled The Island. Censura’s sound incorporates the musical sensibilities of metalcore, with hammering industrial rhythms and near-pop melodic choruses, plus traces of start-stop, dubstep-style electronica. Vocalist Jimmy Triger shifts from harsh vocals to near-clean voicing in the chorus, riding the groove of the djent-plus-keys instrumentation.

The video reflects production quality that we rarely see in a debut video for a debut EP by a new unsigned band. If you wonder what the strange, painted creature in the video represents, she’s apparently intended to embody the band’s goal of standing out from the surrounding landscape. In the video, she certainly does. Does the music? Well, I don’t think it’s breaking any new ground, but it’s still fun. Judge for yourself:

The Island is available for pre-order in CD format at http://censuraireland.bigcartel.com. The CD includes the video plus a fifth song, and those who pre-order will receive an immediate mp3 download of “The Vice”. You can follow Censura on Facebook via this link.


We first discovered this Dallas-based outfit almost exactly one year ago through one of our MISCELLANY experiments. At the time, they’d only been a band for about five months, but had already been signed by Earache Records. The song we sampled for the MISCELLANY post was “Standing On the Edge”, and holy hells was it a catchy number, so much so that I came very damned close to including it in our list of 2010’s most infectious extreme metal songs.

The Browning have a new album slated for release via Earache tomorrow (Oct 4) called Burn This World. Last week, they released an official video for a song from the album called “Bloodlust”. It’s another very catchy song reflecting The Browning’s distinctive take on the deathcore genre — heavy on the keyboards, with near-symphonic synths in places, but with plenty of head-butting aggression in the forefront. There’s something about that combination of hook-laden melody, bombastic keyboards, and raging vocals and riffing that I find appealing.

As in the case of Censura’s video, the new one from The Browning is also well-made, combining footage of the band performing with a short story, the moral of which, I suppose, is that when the attentions of a hot blonde seem too good to be true, you should check out her canines.

Burn This World can be pre-ordered here, and the band’s Facebook page is at this location.


I suppose everyone knows that Whitechapel is a deathcore band, certainly one of the most popular deathcore bands going. But they’ve thrown a curveball with a new song released in the last few days called “Section 8”. Undoubtedly, it has engendered confusion and even dismay among the Whitechapel faithful. For me, it rekindled interest.

The song is still deathcore, laden with concrete, atonal guitar and bass chords, and cement-busting breakdowns, but . . . it’s jazzed up with unexpected polyrhythms, djent-style riffing, and ghostly phantoms of melody that appear long enough to make you think, “what the fuck was that?”, and then evaporate.

My, my, the band appears to be in search of . . . musical growth? Stylistic evolution? Something that passes for a challenge to the sensibilities and expectations of its diehard fans? Yes, I believe so. That’s worth at least polite applause, don’t you think?

This track will reportedly appear on  a digital-only EP called Recorrupted, which is expected on November 8 through Metal Blade Records.


I was introduced to this Salt Lake City band about a month ago by one of the original co-founders of this site, IntoTheDarkness. I was shocked to hear the music, given what I know of ITD’s tastes, which lean heavily toward the deathcore end of the metal spectrum. Subrosa combine massive, doom-y, black-hole guitar chords with ethereal, clean vocals — thick sludge and the flight of doves.

Profound Lore released the band’s latest album, No Help For the Mighty Ones, this past spring, featuring the wonderful cover art of Glyn Smyth. A vinyl release is coming up, with different art from the same artist. So, I’m using that impending release to claim the music as new for purposes of this post. Mainly, I just wanted to share a song that has grown on me quite a bit the more I’ve listened to it. This is “Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes”:


Okay, that’s a wrap on this hodgepodge of music. Let the peeing begin!


  1. Im hoping whitechapel stays in this direction. Their music was getting a little stale. I hope they play Section 8 live next month.

    • Stale is the right word. They’ve gotten increasingly proficient at their standard style over time, and I’m sure their fanbase would have been completely happy with more of the same, but I’ve been losing interest. Section 8 makes me curious for what’s next. The rest of the forthcoming EP may offer more clues.

  2. “The Browning” makes me lol. That is not a good metal name. That is what I do to a chicken in the oven.

  3. Definitely. They are amazing at the “Whitechapel” sound no one can do it better but it does get a little old. Im excited to see them and TDWP next month. My buddy has 4 hours of lessons with Ben that day too.

  4. Well, okay then, of course the Krisiun is good, the Subrosa is interesting, I liked the Censura more than I expected from the description. The Browning and Whitechapel just didn’t do much for me.

  5. It goes without saying that Krisiun isn’t a band so much as a collection of rogue demon’s who just don’t give a fuck are a simply killing time until they have charged their dick-stones-of-power enough to go back in time and just kill everything before it gets born.

    Also, why does metalcore/deathcore make me think of the Used? Is that just lingering brain damage from high school????

    • Shitting myself with laffter over the Krisiun description — but it’s so true. And to answer your question: Yes.

      • I just reread what I wrote, and I’m pretty sure that sentence doesn’t make sense grammatically.

        I assume that means that Krisiun has begun their war on everything by starting with my brain.

        Or your answer to my question also explains my lack of grammatical abilities.

        Either way………………………………………………..

        • The typos are part of what made it choice, because if anyone can listen to Krisiun and still type and spell correctly, then they haven’t REALLY been listening.

          • It must be no coincidence that I have been butchering the English language in IM’s and emails at work today, since I have been listening to Krisiun, Vomitory and Blood Red Throne for the majority of the day.

    • How does one charge a dick stone? I assume sex is involved.

      • No! Actually, the exact opposite.

        Kinda like how porn starts have to go a few days without sexing or “releasing” before a shot involving a facial, they just kind of stare at people and absorb their sexability and save it all up before the final Godzilla bukkake to end all Godzilla bukkakes.

        • So, that implies that Krisiun will go back in time and kill everything by ejaculating on it. It’ll be the Spermpocalypse.

          I’m now imagining high winds and tidal waves of semen flooding through and destroying everything. God help me.

      • Lots of buffing.

  6. Fun fact: there’s actually a really good death metal band called Necrovorous from Greece: http://www.myspace.com/necrovorous

  7. Krisiun.
    That is all.

  8. Fist the Anus.
    random cock demons
    Godzilla bukkake

    HOLY FUCK, NCS is a goddamned diamond mine of potential band names. I hope to see these on next years bill for The Good Fucking Pancake Tour 2: The Spermapocalypse.

  9. I’ve listened to to much of the first Whitechapel album that whenver you guys say anything that has to do with semen, I automatically think of hookers and Jack the Ripper…….also, I like where this new Whitechapel material is going.

  10. I’m probably going to catch hell for saying it, but my thought straight away when that Whitechapel track began was “quick lads, the bandwagon’s leaving without us!”…

    “A New Era Of Corruption” was a great album. they were on track to being the Vader of deathcore (good deathcore… which is essentially just death metal with more staccato breakdowns, right? Ha.) – one dimensional, one directional, endlessly aggressive and all the better for it! Straight forward and aggressive.

    Now I know there was always that slightly artificial tone to their guitars, but the COMBINATION of their tone, plus the polyrhythms, plus the djenty guitar playing… it just sounds like it’s been done to death already.

    There are enough bands round my way who ran screaming to steal Meshuggah’s guitar tone to make their generic breakdowns seem more “prog”, thank you very much. Whitechapel shouldn’t be one of them.

    Seriously… for once I was totally happy with them not progressing their sound, just honing it to a killing edge, which is what they’d slowly been doing with each successive album. I know I’m not usually the person to say it, but more straight forward heaviness and brutality please!

  11. censura track is pretty amazing! Didn’t care for the rest tbh

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