Oct 182011

To start today’s festivities here at NO CLEAN SINGING, I have four songs for you, two of which take the form of new music videos. Instead of cramming them together into one long post like I did yesterday, I’m splitting them up — one song per post — and I’m dribbling them out. But I’m only letting 30 minutes pass between dribbles.

Why am I doing this? I’m not completely sure. Maybe it’s because I think each of these songs deserves its very own post. Or maybe I’m worried that your attention spans are like mine, and that your minds will wander before you get through 3 songs in a single post. Or maybe I’m just fucked up.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the first of three songs. This is the one that isn’t a video, but it’s by motherfuckin’ Venom. Thirty years have passed since their debut album, Welcome To Hell. They have a new album (Fallen Angels) set for release on November 28 via Spinefarm and Universal Records. Until yesterday, I was not looking forward to it. Yes, they are legends. Yes, they are given a large share of credit for spawning black metal. But really now, 30 years is a long fucking time, and honestly, they’ve done nothing in ages that provides much reason to think their new output will be worth the time it takes to listen.

But yesterday they released the first single from the new album, and I’m now interested. (Following a few more burblings from me, the song is after the jump . . .)

The song is called “Punk’s Not Dead”. It could have been called “Venom’s Not Dead”, because this song proves they’re not.

Honestly, it seems like the longer a legendary band hangs around, the more over-produced and jacked-up the music becomes. It’s like musical plastic surgery. Just kinda sounds gross after a while. Thankfully, “Punk’s Not Dead” doesn’t sound like it’s had the nip-and-tuck treatment. By comparison to what I was expecting, it sounds “organic”, suitably rough and raw for what it wants to be.

And what it wants to be, and what it is, is a thrashy piece of heavy metal with a fuck-load of punk attitude, a massive bass line, and a goddamn throat-stomping riff. It’s got those old-school, near-clean vocals going, but I’m liking the song despite that, because they just sound nasty. What do you think?

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/25730285″]

P.S. Is the cover art a BIG eye-catcher or what? And thanks to TheMadIsraeli for the tip on this song-release.

  6 Responses to “VENOM: “PUNK’S NOT DEAD””

  1. SOLD.

  2. I want to like it seeing as how this is Venom and I have a lot of respect for this band… but I just can’t get into it…

  3. Um, this is Venom ? I would never say I’m a huge Venom fan or knowitall, but this doesn’t sound like a metal band at all. Sure it’s notably raw with some grit. But did Cronos start listening to Johnny Rotten all day and night before writing this album? LOL

  4. Okay, apparently none of you have ever actually LISTENED to Venom. Compare this track to ‘Bitch Witch’ from their “Welcome to Hell” years:


    Venom isn’t black metal; they just coined the term. In fact ol’ Abbadon has said on more than one occasion that Venom is more a rock ‘n’ roll band than anything.

  5. Punk IS dead, goddamnit. Just let it’s filthy, rotten (hehehe) corpse sit and stink.

    This sounds so much like Alabama Thunderpussy’s River City Revival, I wondered if I clicked on the wrong thing. But after listening to the song Trollfiend posted, I’m starting to realize Alabama Thunderpussy was just ripping Venom off….

    I love the bass in this song though…I might end up with this album actually.

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