Oct 282011

We got the yin and we got the yang. We finished yesterday’s postings with TesseracT and we start today’s with Flayed Disciple. We may not be good, but we’re sure as hell not monotonous.

Can you understand why I couldn’t resist listening to the new EP by Flayed Disciple?

Well, in my defense, allow me to say that although I have a strong impulsive desire to shock people when they least expect it and a personal taste for horrifyingly brutal death metal, I have never actually ejaculated while killing anyone or anything, and the idea of doing that does NOT appeal to me. I also get disgusted by metal bands who sell themselves with lyrics and album art that exploit the vicious degradation of women.

However, I do appreciate a good turn of phrase, and “ejaculate while killing” is just so over-the-top that I couldn’t resist. But as much fun as I have throwing big wet curveballs at all of you from time to time, I still wouldn’t be writing about this band if the music weren’t surprisingly VERY GOOD.

Flayed Disciple are from the UK and their latest EP apparently includes two older songs and two new ones. I say “apparently” because the Ejaculate EP as it’s available for purchase here in the U.S. (on iTunes and Amazon mp3) only includes the two new songs. Those two songs spun my head around so hard I had to check the mirror to make sure it wasn’t stuck in an ass-wards direction. (more after the jump . . .)

This shit is a freaked-out blast of death-thrash, like some Formula One machine with a corpse at the wheel, fishtailing across a crowded highway and leaving smoking wreckage in its wake. It’s loaded with hot, technically proficient riffage, the kind of bass vibrato that rings with a metallic clang, jackhammer drumming, and some absolutely pestilential soloing. Good, grisly vocals, too. Like Hate Eternal but with more groove. What the fuck is not to like, I ask you?

I don’t know where these guys come from, but they’re sure as fuck going places. Check out both of the new tracks on the new EP. You have our permission to ejaculate, but please don’t be killing anything while that happens.

“Ejaculate While Killing”

[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/01-Ejaculate-While-Killing-Explicit.mp3|titles=Flayed Disciple – Ejaculate While Killing]


[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/02-Exodus-Explicit.mp3|titles=Flayed Disciple – Exodus]

Flayed Disciple is busily writing music for a full-length album for release in 2012. I can’t promise I won’t ejaculate until it cums out, but I will be eagerly awaiting the release. Now, here’s linkage for all you new Flayed Disciple disciples:




  1. Mmmmm, i love the smell of horny zombies in the morning.

    And look me in the eye when I get my tentacle ink on your Sexy arms.

    (Also, the music was fucking awesome.)

  2. Surprisingly the music isn’t bad as the name, song title and artwork would suggest. It’s nothing evven remotely different from 50 zillion other bands around. But how about a little original guys? The Cannibal Corpse over the top drivel was worn thin by the time Tomb of the Mutilated came out.

    • Interesting point, though…if you love (for example) death metal, at what point does ‘doing new things’ within that genre take the music OUT of the genre? I mean is blackened crustgrind deathcore still really death at all? And if you like old school death, how do you marry the love of that sound with the ‘new and improved’ without taking away from the ‘old and established’ that you love?

      • I’m not expecting new ground to be broken on each and every release. But how many bands do we need that mine the same well over and over and over? I’ll have much more of a tolerance for a band like Immolation, Bolt Thrower or Autopsy to blow ahead with their style, since they some of the founders. But something like Bloodbath or Vallenfyre that has the old school sound, is done in a professional and quality manner, unlike the litany of “new bands” (whose members are probably half the ages of the founders).

        So not only does it not have any of the “cache” that the originators have, it generally doesn’t have the “feel” or “quality” of those bands. Call it lack of experience or not being around during it’s heyday. I just see it as running out of ideas and a lame attempt at trying to be shocking.

        And even when Eaten Back to Life came out, before I heard a note of it, I rolled my eyes and thought it was such a ridiculous and “played out” concept (but I like that album, nothing else that came after it though).

        So my tolerance for “kill you mother, rip the cunt out of the virgin” lyrics/artwork was exhausted 20 years ago. Heck, I always thought it was beyond stupid and not even funny or ironic. And outside of Autopsy, just about every band that sings about that it pretty lousy (is this any big surprise?).

        • Not arguing that point, but a point in the opposite direction. Here’s a metaphor: anyone can dig a grave. Digging a grave is easy. But if you fill it with something other than a casket, is it still a grave, or is it just a hole with shit in it?

          • Are you asking us to join you in some weird halfburied, scat-porn orgy? Cause my furry suit is still at the yiffing cleaners.

          • It doesn’t need the casket to be a grave. Just something dead.

            On the same token, putting a casket in a hole doesn’t make it a grave either. It could just be a buried casket.

            Ah, semantics. Now, back to your irregularly scheduled tangents…

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