Oct 312011

Baby metal: Is it a thing?

A couple days ago, I inflicted on your tender senses a music video from a Japanese JPop/idol/metal band called Babymetal. I’ve since learned that the song is called “Doki Doki Morning”, and that this band is an off-shoot of another Japanese idol band called Sakura Gakuin. The song appears on Sakura Gakuin’s 2010 album debut.

And now we have an official video report from our Japan-based correspondent Phro, providing his honest, thoughtful, critical reaction to Babymetal.

Also, is that a fucking great shirt Phro is wearing, or what?  Video after the jump.

  26 Responses to “PHRO REACTS TO BABYMETAL”

  1. I can see how the skirt may have inhibited those moves.

  2. Are you sitting on a bear?

  3. Dude, hit me up. I’ll send money so you can buy pants.

  4. More!

  5. This was awesome. I was afraid to watch the baby metal video what with everyone reacting the way they were and what with it coming from Japan… but in order to see this I had to watch it. Lol your face is priceless from like :33 through :38, Phro.

  6. Phro wears makeup?!?!?!

  7. Ha! Thats some fantastic good clean white foolishness right there Phro.

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