Nov 032011

In our continuing attempt to make Halloween last all week, I’ve randomly picked three more Halloween-appropriate metal songs from the slew of suggestions we got via this post on Halloween Day. First up is a music video from Finland’s Medeia (with a little help from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video). It includes these immortal pick-up lines in a bar:

“I’m in a band”

“Yeah right, and it’s called old man’s dad?”

“We has a booze at the training place (or something like that)”

“You have a moose? Please just get lost.”

“I think he meant booze.”

“Why didn’t you say so! Let’s go!”

My other two picks are songs from Lair of the Minotaur (U.S.) and Spawn of Possession (Sweden). Stay grisly. Drink more blood. Watch and listen after the jump. (Thanks to jeimssi, kingben, and TRex for these suggestions.)




  2 Responses to “HALLOWEEN FAIL (Part 3)”

  1. The Medeia video and song are both freaking awesome!!!!

    I have that Spawn of Possession album, but I think I’ve only really listened to it once…what the fuck is wrong with me?????

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