Nov 232011

As I write this, it’s very early on a Wednesday morning. I just finished watching Abigail Williams, Hate, Keep of Kalessin, and Mayhem at El Corazon in Seattle. All four bands were excellent. The highlights of the evening were new songs from Abigail Williams (quite different from anything I’ve heard from the band before, and I think the best work they’ve yet done) and an absolutely mind-boggling performance by Hellhammer, the drummer of Mayhem.

The third highlight of the evening was getting to spend time with Fredrik Huldtgren and his girlfriend. Fredrik is the vocalist of a Swedish band called Canopy, which has been a favorite at NCS for a long time, and he happens to be in town visiting, just in time for some truly ass-sucking Seattle weather — somewhat offset by a very badass night of metal.

Spending time with Fredrik put me in mind of three bands, all of whom I like a lot. There’s a connection between them, but rather than explain it, I’d rather let you guess, or simply wonder. The three bands are Canopy, Obitus, and Lifelover. If you don’t know the music of these bands, then there are some worthwhile discoveries for you after the jump.

With luck, I’ll wake up in a few hours and think of something more to bring your way on an NCS Wednesday. And if the site just appears to be frozen for the rest of the day, you’ll know it’s because my bed has swallowed me whole, like a python chowing down on a wayward dog.




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  1. [Obligatory swearing] Come the fuck on, Canopy is the good shit.
    [Bandcamp theme song, eerily similar to the Bandcamp theme] ♪♫♪ do do di do, do do di do, Bandcaamp! ♪♫♪
    [Gratuitous Metal Bandcamp link] You can find both Canopy and Obitus on the Dissension Records Bandcamp, which I added to the blog here:

    Dissension Records is run by Fredrik Huldtgren, who sings in Canopy and supplies “Death Vocals” to Obitus so I’m guessing that he might have something to do with Lifelover as well. Amiright, amiright?

    • Ah fuck, eerily similar to the BATMAN them off course

    • Hey, thanks for adding Dissension, Canopy, and Obitus to Metal Bandcamp, and for the nice words you wrote about them. They deserve the exposure. As the Obitus Bandcamp page discloses, Obitus consists of Anders Ahlbäck and Johan Huldtgren. So, that’s one part of the mystery solved — Johan and Fredrik are brothers.

      Sadly, Lifelover disbanded in September of this year following the death of “B”, the band’s co-founder and principal songwriter. There’s a connection between Lifelover, Canopy, and Obitus, but you haven’t guessed it correctly yet. 🙂 It’s not an easy riddle to solve.

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