Nov 222011

Earlier this month, we reported plans by German tech-metallers Obscura to self-release a collection of previously undistributed demo tracks and new cover songs. It will be called Illegimitation and will include four songs from the band’s 2003 demo, three pre-production versions of songs recorded in 2006 following a tour with Suffocation (including an early version of “Incarnated”, which ultimately appeared on Cosmogenesis (2009)), and covers of songs by Death, Atheist, and Cynic that the band recorded earlier this year.

The band is raising money for the production of the album in both CD and LP formats as well as associated merch through Kickstarter; pledges starting at $5 will get you a range of stuff from a digital download of the album on up. You can get there via this link.

Today, the band put up two of the 2003 demo tracks on their Facebook bandpage for streaming: “…And All Will Come To An End” and “Crucified”. More about those songs, plus a chance to stream one of them here, after the jump.

Also after the jump: One of our favorite metal bands, Living Sacrifice, will be releasing a DVD during the week of December 9 called In Finite Live. It’s a professionally shot and edited, multi-camera performance by the band in Pomona, California, plus six more songs performed in the band’s hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. The DVD also includes bonus goodies, and it’s available for pre-order for ten bucks here. After the jump, we’ve got two song-clips from the DVD. Stay with us . . .


Both of the two just-released Obscura tracks are cool examples of where the band came from. Compared to their more recent output, the songs have a more raw feel — with a more pronounced death-metal undercarriage and less proggy/jazzy riff work, but there’s still plenty of inventive, technical mayhem on display. “Crucified” is the thrashier of the two, and there’s a Dissection-like, black-metal aura to the instrumental track,  “…And All Will Come To An End”. You can listen to both songs at Obscura’s Facebook page via this link. Here’s “Crucified”:



Clips of two of the tracks from the forthcoming Living Sacrifice DVD have surfaced on YouTube (and LS linked to both of them on their FB page, so they don’t seem to be objecting). The first is for “Bloodwork” from The Hammering Process, and the second is “Symbiotic” from Conceived In Fire. Good shit. Check ’em out:


  1. Okay, you said the Obscura album is going to be called “Illegitimation” which makes sense to me…but the pic of the album cover says “Illegimitation”, which I can’t figure out. What gives?

    • Goddammit. I made a mental correction without realizing it, except it was mental miscorrection. If that makes sense. Anyway, I conformed my text to the album cover. Goddammit.

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