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We are pleased to re-post some early remarks by Matti Riekki from the Inferno (Finland) web site about Swallow the Sun’s fifth album, Emerald Forest and the Blackbird, which will be released on Feb. 1, 2012, by Spinefarm Records. Thank dog for Google Translate:

“Swallow the Sun’s boss Juha Raivio said recently Inferno haastiksessa band from the forthcoming album to tell stories.

“If you mirror this against the Emerald Forest and the Blackbird is the atmosphere like a colorful blend of narrative, but the brutal teachings Grimm production, and even M. Night Shyamalanin life and fantasy adventures of the world movies.

“Musical waves are familiar in a large scale, tunnelmamelodisen matelumetallin marks go, but the trip can be found quite surprising ports, which should be enough to explore in the corners for a long time. Let’s just say this, that if one of the O-beginning with the band moving away from the metal market, annoying, this disc may be found in moments of comfort. (And do not now, pliis, take this, so that StS sounds like it is now beginning with the O-band. The question is more about building a political parable of the song.)

“Speech Shares, clean and rough vocals korinat alternate style, and the plate is sovitusten behalf of a good and balanced reverb. As far as the quality of the compositions, so deuce take, for the most part the songs do not leave a huge mind squeezing all correct any invalid. Right now, huimin kipale typeonegatiivisen atmosphere of the north end of the rotation period of a hymn on April 14th, which gets all the body hair sojottamaan smalliron bar. So is the man as the porcupine.

“Listening to the sum of the three in one sentence: I think this is definitely the most interesting Swallow’ta bushes, then come as a surprise debut. Invalid kaamosmasennella here.”

I couldn’t have said this any better myself.  Especially since I haven’t heard the new album.

Also, if you’re feeling morose, depressed, out of sorts, I can recommend nothing more highly as a way of lifting your spirits than translating Finnish-language text through Google Translate.

Unfortunately, Swallow the Sun chose to write an English-language description of the new album (here). It’s not nearly as entertaining, but possibly it is more informative:

“‘I found myself listening to an old Finnish lullaby called ‘Sininen Uni’ over and over again, and suddenly images started pouring into my mind of a dad reading a tale to his dying child, trying to explain where the child is going that night, the tale of Emerald Forest and the Blackbird,’ says Juha Raivio, the main songwriter.

“‘Finally this image lead me into a long journey through this night and got me trapped in the limbo between the dusk and the dawn. The place where you face your demons and angels, meet the souls of the ones you loved and lost. Will we walk the night forever, or let the night forgive us and let us say a last goodbye? These are songs from the limbo, notes of sorrow, hate, love, darkness and light. The tale of Emerald Forest and the Blackbird.'”

“We are extremely honoured to have Anette Olzon of NIGHTWISH featuring on vocals on CATHEDRAL WALLS. Her recognizable voice gives the song the depth and the angelic character it demands.

“‘When I got to listen to the rough demo of ‘Cathedral Walls’ I fell in love with the song immediately and I was so honoured to be asked to sing on this song. The melody and lyrics are truly beautiful.’, comments Olzon.

“In addition, Aleah Stanbridge of TREES OF ETERNITY – whose ethereal voice is familiar from our previous works – is also featured on two tracks.

“The album was recorded during September and October 2011 by the legendary Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Amorphis and Children of Bodom, to name a few) at Drumforest Studios in Viitasaari and Sonic Pump 2 in Helsinki, and by Hannu Honkonen at Noisework Studios in Helsinki.

“For when it comes to mixing, we are more than excited to work with another legend in the Finnish metal scene, Hiili Hiilesmaa. Hiili is known for his work with HIM, Apocalyptica, Amorphis and Moonspell, etc. We are convinced that his vision, insight and experience will bring our sound to a new level.

“The album will be mastered by Mika Jussila (Nightwish, Amorphis, Sentenced, etc.) at Finnvox Studios. The artwork is once again made by Rami Mursula, whose imagery sets the perfect mood for the album.”

And just in case anyone reading this is new to Swallow the Sun, here’s a live video of a great song from the band’s last album, New Moon. They’re one of our Exceptions to the Rule of No Clean Singing:


  1. I pretty sure informative is blasphemy. How dare you try to supplant the One, True Google Translation!!!

    Great Pancakes! I curse you to a death by musical waves (which) are familiar in a large scale, tunnelmamelodisen matelumetallin marks go, but the trip can be found quite surprising ports, which should be enough to explore in the corners for a long time.

  2. Holy fucking tunnelmamelodisen matelumetallin! New Swallow the Sun?! Awesome… though I still haven’t picked up their last album… but whatever, hopefully f.y.e will stock this unlike “New Moon.”

  3. Fuck me! I read the “translation” with great agony to halfway, when I realised I could just read it in my native language from Inferno…

    I’m abit ashamed to confess that Swallow the Sun is still somewhat of an uncharted terrain for me. I know they are good. I’ve listened to some songs enjoying them thoroughly, and my friends listen to it. Fuck. I’ve even seen them live and they were great. Still, they are missing from my playlist! Maybe, hopefully, this post is a wake-up call!

    • You have made my day — reading ridiculously garbled English at NCS instead of your native Finnish at Inferno: this is loyalty.

      • Pffft!
        Whatever. We all know Finnish is made up.
        You all REALLY speak English, and just make up funny sounds when American and British folks are around to fuck with us. That’s why the Google translation is so awesome.

  4. Wow – this news pretty much makes my day. I’ve been fortunate to see them a couple times as they’ve passed through my city. I think it’s kind of awesome how their band members basically stand in a straight line across the stage for the duration of their set.

    • They are indeed fun to watch and hear live. It’s also cool to see Mikko Kotamäki bent over sideways with both hands on the mic stand, headbanging during the instrumental parts.

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