Dec 052011

Still making up for the infliction of Amaranthe on your ears earlier today . . .

Part 2 of this day-long mini-series focuses on an L.A. band called My Ruin. As in the case of Wykked Wytch, this band is a new discovery for me despite the fact that they’ve previously release six albums, and a seventh one is about to debut. The core of the band is a husband and wife team consisting of vocalist Tairrie B and multi-instrumentalist Mick Murphy. The new album is called A Southern Revelation, and fittingly it was recorded in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Although the band has had label support in the past (and apparently an ugly falling out with their last label), the new album is 100% DIY and will be made available on December 7 as a free digital download on My Ruin’s Bandcamp page HERE.

To promote the album, My Ruin recently premiered an official music video for the album’s opening track, a song called “Tennessee Elegy”. The video was made by the band themselves and friends on a low budget, but it looks pretty good to me. As for the music on the new album, I’ve seen it referred to as Black Sabbath meets Black Label Society, and that’s a decent description, based on this one song.

The song has an undercarriage of sludgy heft and a batch of swampy, strutting, Southern-rock style riffs fueling the machine, and Tairrie B’s angry vocals have an abrasive, sandpapery grit that’s appealing. Check it out, and if you like what you hear, don’t forget that you can download the whole album the day after tomorrow. My Ruin can be found on Facebook via this link.

  5 Responses to “GIRL GROWLERS – PART 2”

  1. Wait, My Ruin are still around? I bought one of their albums wayyyy back in the day and they were okay, but I never really listened to them a lot. They sound like Otep now, it seems.

    • I’m not familiar with anything else they’ve done, but from what I’ve read, their sound seems to be evolving. Particularly because of the free download, I’m going to give the new album a shot.

  2. Sorry..I keep picturing th band Saliva…if they were fronted by Otep.

  3. Hellyeah, MY RUIN are back, and this record is a BLAST, I just downloaded it from their website!! Sounding like Otep?? Cannot agree, My Ruin already rocked when there wasn´t bands like Otep or others. My Ruin are unique, and the pioneers of Female Fronted Metal! Everyone should give this record a try, you can download it for FREE on their website , and I cannot wait to see them live on their upcoming UK tour in January!! Mi Ruina por Vida!!

  4. My Ruin sounds like Otep maybe i kinda thought that my Ruin has there own sound. Got to admit i have at times tired to compare there sound to other metal bands, and i find that they have there own sound. goth is a thought.

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