Dec 052011

(We interrupt our girl-growler programming with this message and invitation from TheMadIsraeli.)

I greatly apologize to all of you NCS readers for the lack of content I’ve been providing.  School is the enemy of everything that is metal.  Of this I’m convinced.  I realize that Islander keeps up a constant influx of good stuff, but I mean, it’s okay to admit the truth.  We both know it.  This site would die without me.

After the 15th, I intend to provide you all with a slew of content — content that I’m not exactly against changing to suit your whims. In fact, I’d like to give you the chance to dictate what I will finish out this year with in terms of content.  Let me know what might be of interest, whether it be reviews, topical articles, or me trying my hand at random-ass shit.

The only officially planned things I have at this point are my year-end list of best albums and a review of Ever Forthright’s full-length debut.  This shit isn’t enough.  I need more!  So please suggest content ideas, either via the comments or my email at so I can make good use of my downtime from school which begins in the next coming week.  I’ll have two and a half weeks of time off to take advantage of.  Help me use it wisely.

  14 Responses to “HIT ME UP YO”

  1. You should totally do a Metal song of the day sort of thing! And here are some review ideas:

    Graveworm – “Fragments of Death”

    Aeon – “Path of Fire”

    Behemoth – “Evangelion”

  2. Jerry Sandusky is drooling over that picture.

  3. “Help me use it wisely.”

    Booze, booze, booze!

    • I want to read a 10 page research paper, properly annotated, with an outline, on how Bob Rock killed Metallica.
      No double spacing or huge fonts to take up space either.

  4. Why not a dissertation on why Metallica just simply blows ass?

  5. Pick a letter from the alphabet at random and find 5 unsigned bands that start with that letter?

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