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Here’s the last feature in today’s impromptu mini-series on female-fronted metal bands who are not Amaranthe.

When I started collecting bands for this series, this last post was originally going to be about a Vancouver band called Without Mercy (pictured above). About six weeks ago, I got an e-mail from an NCS reader (David) pointing me to them, and more specifically to the YouTube channel for their female vocalist, Alxs Ness.

But today, when I got the idea of pulling together a handful of female-fronted bands as compensation for that Amaranthe thing and started doing a little homework about Alxs, I found out that at some point over the last six weeks she had become the vocalist for yet another Vancouver band called Abriosis. So, if I’m understanding things correctly, she will be the vocalist for both bands. [CORRECTION: Since posting this piece originally, I’ve learned that Alxs did leave Without Mercy, but Without Mercy is moving ahead with a new vocalist and working on new music.]

Abriosis put out a self-titled EP in 2008 and a debut album earlier this year called Tattered and Bound. Both of those collections were pre-Alxs Ness, so that sort of disqualifies them for discussion in this post. Instead, what I have for you after the jump is an amusing video (complete with some toaster-ball near the end) depicting how Abriosis met their new vocalist, and a second video of the band jamming one of their songs with Alxs behind the mic. Not surprisingly, Abriosis plans to record a new EP next year with the new line-up. Abriosis has a Facebook page here.

Without Mercy released an EP in 2007 called All Else Fails and then a self-titled debut album in 2009, which is available for streaming and purchase via Bandcamp. I like the heady dose of death-thrash brutality I’ve heard so far from the album, and I’m putting up an album stream for you to hear after the jump. But, first things first — the YouTube clip that David sent me featuring Alxs’ vocal cover of “Eaten” by Bloodbath. Elize Ryd, eat your heart out.





You can find out more about Without Mercy at their official site, on facebook, or at their MySpace page. The band are also offering a free four-song download at this page.

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  1. Note: After I sent you that info I attempted to contact Without Mercy through all the media sources and no replys so Im assuming that project is on the shelf.

    • Ah, okay. At first I assumed Alxs had left Without Mercy before joining Abriosis, but then I couldn’t find anything explicitly saying that, and I did see something on the Abriosis FB page which I read as suggesting that she was joining them in addition to her other projects.

      • Yea I have no idea whats going on. They arent the easiest to get a hold of.

        • Hey guys,

          Alxs here :). Just thought I should clear up some of the confusion. The original plan was to sing in Without Mercy and Abriosis. In the end it was an arrangement that proved unsatisfactory for some of the folks in WOM, so I had to make a decision. After being in WOM since its inception approx 5 years ago, the time came to move on. It was a tough decision to make considering all the time and love I’ve put into WOM, but like I said, the time had come to close that chapter. If you want to reach WOM your best bet is to msg their facebook page. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask. My user name on FB is Alxs Ness.
          Thanks for including Abriosis in this post.
          All the best,


  2. I find vocal covers on youtube so fascinatingly god awful. It amazes me how people stand in front of a camera and do this with a straight face.

    Why does anyone think they want to hear them do it (besides for the obvious laugh of course) ???

    • A lot of people use them as auditions. Ive never done it but I have seen it done and yes many are great for laughs.
      Alxs caught my attention mainly because of her ability to actually do a Brutal Gutteral sounding vocal without a shit ton of vocal effects like some famous female metal vocalists.

      They do have actual recorded songs posted at the myspace page check it out.

  3. As much as I love Bolt Thrower, this is gonna give me nightmares……

  4. You just scarred me for life.

  5. Shes kills in that low register, no doubt. Its kind of interesting that shes seems to struggle with the higher parts. You’d think that would be a little more natural

    • Thats just in regards to the vocal cover in the first video.

    • Eh, not necessarily. I’m a dude and I’m much better at high-pitched shrieks than low growls (and my speaking voice is fairly low), just because that’s what I learned how to do first. I’d be willing to bet she learned how to do lows before highs.

      • I learned highs first but I spent so many years screaming in a falsetto that I damaged my upper register and Im now a natural baritone; both speaking and screaming.

        • I still don’t understand how anyone does either style without shredding their larynxes. I know there’s a technique to it, but it still amazes me.

          • I struggle with mid-range. Don’t know why.

            Trying to fix it, although I’m worried it will introduce “generic hardcore shout” into my vocal repertoire.

            • It does do that it it wouldnt be so bad if the over saturation of Death Core hadnt ruined it for everyone.

              With that said, I managed to contact No Mercy through their Facebook page and linked the article to them.

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