Dec 152011

In October, then first-time NCS guest contributor The Baby Killer gave us his review of the new EP by the slightly demented and wholly talented Blotted Science. The album is called The Animation of Entomology, and the songs were recorded as soundtracks for movie clips featuring . . . bugs.

We’ve previously posted the first three of those movie clips with the amazing music of Blotted Science as musical accompaniment. I am sad to say that today the band posted the fourth and final video. It’s for the longest song on the album, “A Sting Operation” — which is divided into four parts on the album. Fittingly, the video is also divided into four episodes, using excerpts from the movie Swarmed (2005).

Once again, the band have created music that fits the film footage to a T and synced it closely with what’s happening on screen. The music is a kick in the head to hear all by itself, but the fascinating concept developed by the band of setting the music to these bug-infested movie excerpts really moves it up to the next level.

I’m sad that Blotted Science posted this video for two reason. First, I’m sad because it’s the last one. I’d be quite happy to have one of these every month for, like, indefinitely. Second, I’m sad because I hate motherfucking wasps. Allow me to explain.

My first encounter, when my brother and I were really young and really stupid (amazing but true: I was once even more stupid than I am today), was when we decided to burn out a huge nest of red wasps hanging from the eaves of a shed at the Central Texas country place where our grandmother lived. We set it on fire and watched it drop to the ground and burn. When the flames had died down, and the ground around the ruined nest was strewn with the bodies of wasps, we walked over to get a closer look at our handiwork.

As we later discovered to our bitter regret, many of the wasps were not dead, but merely stunned by the smoke. As we stood there yakking, many of them crawled up inside our pants legs and began stinging the shit out of us. We jumped around like WE were on fire, tearing our jeans off as fast as we could, and swatting at those red motherfuckers. Awful experience that still burns in my memory.

The second encounter was when a yellowjacket stung me on the back of my hand about a year ago. I just felt something on my hand and reflexively brushed at it with my other hand. The motherfucker stung me, and in very little time my hand swelled up until it looked like a penguin flipper. Took a week for the swelling to go down.

Why couldn’t this last video have been about flies?


  1. Yellow jackets are assholes. In college at the beginning of a fall semester my roommate and I kept seeing yellow jackets in our apartment. I killed several dozen before we looked for professional help. One night, as I slept shirtless, I woke up around 4:00 A.M. because one of the wasps was sitting on my sternum stinging me over and over again. I was asleep! What an asshole! I had a third tit for several days. The exterminator found a hive above my bedroom ceiling housing thousands of the fuckers. He said it was the biggest hive he had ever seen.

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