Dec 152011

(We started this year with a review of Prosthetic Records’ re-release of an album called Hatred For Mankind by an ominously mysterious UK band called Dragged Into Sunlight. It remains a particularly harrowing but remarkable listening experience. We followed that in September by hosting the band’s horrific music video for the song “Buried With Leeches”, which YouTube had removed months earlier. Naturally, I was curious about what kind of year-end album list might come from this band, so I invited “T” from DIS to give us his list — and he did. This is it, with T’s brief notes about each album.)

Fuck man, so many good records. I just finished listening to every band listed below beginning to end. It is now dark.

1. RwakeRest

Crushing, riff worship. Genius.

2. AutopsyMacabre Eternal

Miserable, reptilian. Soul crushing cymbal hits.

3. Black CobraInvernal

Heavy, massive kick drum, riding into hell.

4. CraftVoid

Evil anti-everything. I want to commit murder.

5. LeviathanTrue Traitor, True Whore

Totally fucked, swallowing razorblades.

6. Dead ExistenceBorn into the Planet’s Scars

Filthy fucking groove. Devastating. EyehateJake.

7. Ancient VVisdomA Godlike Inferno

Manson forever. Meandering ambience.

8. LifeloverSjukdom

Skullfucking. Rest in Peace, B.

9. 40 Watt SunThe Inside Room

Beautiful. Isolated.

10. AstrohengeII

A volatile hurling of carefully selected bricks.


Conan –  downtune.

Eddie Falco –  happy to be happy.

Slabdragger –  high on belief.

Magpyes –  – grind bastards.


  1. It’s like spitting in Charlie Mason Jar’s eye and being all like, “Whatcha gonna do, kill my family? Psha!”

    • Phro the Queen, what are you describing?

      • The obvious result of asking T for a year end list.
        Of course it will be dark and brutal and awesome.
        Especially Magpyes.

        Just like how the hypothetical family is gonna get murderated and canned with tomato sauce.

        The Glorious Leader Islander’s approval ratings are through The roof. Fuck Putin.

        • I am feeling strangely aroused by being called The Glorious Leader Islander. And by the Magpyes. And by T’s list as a whole. You may continue to call me The Glorious Leader Islander (no abbreviations please).

          • Of course, The Glorious Leader Islander.

            But you know how all glorious leaders end…
            with their heads guillotined into a basket and filthy peasant cocks in their throats.

            Maybe you’ll be a lucky dictator though?

            Hail The Glorious Leader Islander!

            (Also, now your wife has a new sexypoo name for you.)

  2. This is pretty much what I expected from this guy. Short, blunt, and a little twisted. I find myself liking his minimalist notes, weirdly enough.

    • There`s a quiet, demented poetry about them, isn`t there? Like the guy who sits outside your bedroom window watching you undress while whittling a little wooden statue of your private bits.

      Oh, Peeping Bill, how I miss your comforting gaze….

      • Your descriptions are wonderful, as always. I’m trying to make a computer pun out of “private bits” but nothing’s coming to me.

    • I agree — his descriptive notes are very cool, and fitting.

      For the record, I just want to say that nothing Phro writes about Peeping Bill is authorized or condoned by NCS.

  3. Bandcamp links (from the Metal Bandcamp blog).

    Rwake –
    Conan –

    That Conan album, downtuned doesn’t quite describe it – it’s more the sound of tectonic plates moving. Fuuck it’s heavy.

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