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So, we begin. This is the first installment of this year’s list of the most infectious extreme metal songs, as determined by yours truly in his sole, defective discretion. To understand what this list is all about and how it was compiled, you may read the Introduction via this link.

Although my grand plans for how to begin this series were briefly derailed (as recounted here), I’ve bounced back. I still get to use my original pick for the second song in this Part 1 and I’ve found another song from the list of winners that will do nicely as a complement. I doubt it will shock anyone to learn that we’re starting with . . . death metal.

The first song featured today is by a Polish band called Nomad and it comes from their fourth full-length album, Transmigration of Consciousness, released in March of this year. I originally came across this band through a MISCELLANY post in February, in part because the band includes guitarist Seth from Behemoth, and then I later reviewed the album as a whole (here). To crib from that review, the album is “a kind of death-metal rave, a seamless flow of syncopated rhythms and synth-driven interludes that effectively combines elements of melodic black metal, industrial metal, and tyrannical death.”

The first song from the album that I heard remains my favorite. It’s called “Identity With Personification” and it makes for a nice ass-kicking launch to this series.

As you can tell, the second song is from those almighty Brazilian barbarians, Krisiun. In a year that provided a strong line-up of releases in the realm of technical death metal, The Great Execution was one of the standouts, and I’m mystified why it hasn’t been recognized on more “Best of 2011” lists.

Phro reviewed the album for this site, eloquently summing it up as follows:

“Krisiun is the sound of warriors killing each other in the depths of hell just be-fucking-cause. Krisiun is the sound of B-52s raining down firebombs, heavy machine gun fire, and a literal fuckton (that’s the standard fuckton, not the metric fuckton) of swords on great expanses of mythological battles so expansive that Homer would have given up his hearing just to be able to contribute the introductory passage to what would have been the greatest epic ever written.”

Though The Great Execution is loaded with . . . uh . . . a standard fuckton . . . of catchy songs (in addition to a fuckton of swords), the most infectious one in my opinion, and one of the most infectious ear-barrages of the year, is “Blood of Lions”.  The instrumental introduction is like being kicked in the head by a horse — repeatedly and really fast — and there’s no let-up after that. And the guitar solo at the 3:00 mark? Like someone overturned a vat of molten shred onto your dangly parts. Makes you want to roar right along with Alex Camargo:  “Bloooooood of lions!!!!

Here are the two songs. I think they make a nice pairing, back to back:

NOMAD: “Identity With Personification”


KRISIUN: “Blood of Lions”

[audio:|titles=Krisiun – Blood of Lions]


  1. In trolling the internet, I have only read yourself, and one other mention this album as a highlight of 2011. This album kicks ass!

  2. The various side-projects of the members of Behemoth are ace.

  3. Krisiun gives my whole body such tingles.

    Think how scary it would be if their greatness DIDN’T stem from a pact with the hellhounds…then this monstrosity would be all natural, born from the loins of a mere mortal.

    But of course, they are 100% demon, so all is right in the world.

    [Citation unnecessary]

  4. Yeah the Krisiun is a damn fine slab of death metal.

    And any idea when the site wont rely on Flash. Just got an iPad and I feel handicapped. LOL

  5. I did remember hearing that Apple finally killed Flash and Adobe was going to do something HTML based. No idea on the time frame though.

    • .jh’s link in the preceding comment thread talks about this, but the linked article is almost 2 years old. Something more has happened since then — just have to find out what.

      • FWIW, the link might be old but the HTML5 spec isn’t set to be completed until 2014, so what I think it comes down to is if HTML5 works in wordpress. Try and find out I guess. Note though that there is still no common ground on codecs, so either you have multiple links or it breaks for somebody :-/

  6. That Nomad track was pretty cool. Yet another album to check out. I really need to win the lottery so I have the time and money for all these albums.

  7. NOMAD. That is all.

  8. For someone who LOOOOOOVES everything, don’t be so cynical. I’ve already told the original SINISTER vocalist to expect to hear from me if that happens as I want to get the original band back together (Even though apparently Aad can’t play drums anymore due to injury).

    And I’ll make Dan Swano do my bidding on something death metal related. Maybe a Crimson in full along with other Edge and Moontower songs 🙂

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