Jan 112012

Remember that Aborted song we premiered last month? That song called “The Origin of Disease”? The one that kicked your motherfucking ass over the hills and far away? The one from the Global Flatline album that Century Media will be releasing on January 24?

Well, today the band premiered an official music video for that very same ass-kicking song. Part of the video is Aborted doing their kicking-ass thing, just ripping all kinds of hell out of the song. And the other, interspersed part of the video is about a private communion that turns out not to go so well for the lecherous priest.

Kudos to Phil Berridge of Creative Junkie Media for a very nice job on the vid. Gaze upon it after the jump . . . and prepare for some gooooore!


  1. Oh dearie me. That was fucking excellent

  2. While this song and album fucking own so far…


    I believe this is on par.

  3. What an excellent way to wake up! I feel better about starting the work week…

    Why were there tractor tires though??

    • This sounds like a question for the interview. Ooooops! Did I let the cat out of the bag?

      • WHY DID YOU PUT A CAT IN A BAG??????

        • It’s the only way to be sure I’m safe. I feed him and clean up his hairball vomit and all that, but his loyalty is still suspect. Also, he has teeth. And claws.

          • Oh. I thought that’s why Schrodinger built that box….to keep his pissed off Kitty in.

            Why different autocorrect make kitty capitalized??

            • Because Kitties are the true Elder Gods of the Earth, just biding their time until they assume their True Form and the tentacles come out and the consumption begins, the consumption of the flesh, and they will play with you first as you bleed.

  4. I love girls that eat meat!

  5. One of the bands from round here did their video with Phil Berridge of Creative Junkie. He’s very good.

  6. That first image immediately made me think of this.

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