Jan 172012

(In this post, TheMadIsraeli provides a succinct review of the debut album on the Sumerian label from Toronto’s Structures.)

This won’t be a long review because it really doesn’t need to be.  I think this band’s music alone should be selling them.

Structures is the band that’s redeeming deathcore and, dare I say, potentially keeping it alive.  YES, there have been all too many discussions about the awful production on this album — the excessive clipping, the lack of dynamic range, the excessive fuzz when a heavy impact of bass comes in — and yet I FIND MYSELF DIGGING IT for how shitty it sounds.  It actually fits this band’s sound.

And what IS this band’s sound exactly?  I honestly don’t fucking know how to describe it, but of course I’ll try:  They employ every single element and aspect of the deathcore and djeathcore styles ever used, combined with plenty of old-school hardcore moments and a SHITTON of tempo and time signature changes.  Not only is the music technically and compositionally sound, but it’s massive as fuck.  This IS the most brutalizing deathcore I’ve ever heard in my life, and Structures delivers it without having to be over-the-top or relying on excessive posturing.  This shit rules.

Yeah.  That’s my review.  Enjoy the music after the jump.  

These are all playthrough videos the band posted.


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