Jan 172012

Solstafir’s “Fjara”:  One of the most beautiful, most memorable, most emotionally piercing songs I heard during 2011. Not “extreme” enough in its sound for me to include on our MOST INFECTIOUS SONG list, but I gave it an “honorable mention”. I should have put it on the fucking list anyway.

Today, Metal Hammer premiered the official video for “Fjara”. It suits the song: scenes of the dramatic Icelandic landscape; water falling, surging, receding; a beautiful woman dragging a coffin, the symbol of a loss she cannot escape (shades of Gojira’s “Vacuity” video); the hulk of a dead U.S. bomber; ghosts and spirits . . .

It’s beautifully made, like the song. Watch it after the jump.

  4 Responses to “SOLSTAFIR: THE “FJARA” VIDEO”

  1. You’d think that hipster would have put down his pipe and helped that girl drag her heavy box.

  2. By coincidence my physical copy of Svartir Sandar arrived today. It is SO good.

  3. Well….

    I’m wordless.

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