Jan 252012

(NCS writer BadWolf provides a report on last night’s Tool/Intronaut concert in Toledo and a video of dueling drummers.)

A little informality for you today.

So last night, my GF, Queen of Noise, some friends, and I saw Tool in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

What is Tool doing playing in my bullshit city? I haven’t the foggiest, but Good Morning America informed me a few weeks ago that the venue, the Huntington Center, is the 8th most profitable stadium venue in the USA. Who knew?

So the opening band was some pretty sick The Sword/Kyuss-style super-heavy biker-metal band. Nothing too original, but pretty cool—too bad their name was incomprehensible. I think it was Ram-Knight? Anyway, I expect to hear more about them soon.

Intronaut opened and played a strong set with “The Literal Black Cloud” from Prehistoricisms and then every good song from Valley of Smoke in a row. Sick. The crowd seemed to really dig them, which is strange considering that Tool’s fanbase is notoriously picky (according to anecdote, they nearly boo’ed Meshuggah off the stage multiples times, and Meshuggah is basically Tool with lower guitars and growling…). Good for them, I hope this opens doors for the boys in Intronaut.

Regardless, Tool knocked the ball out of the park with an aggressive set (“Ticks and Leeches,” “Hooker With a Penis,” “Stinkfist,” “46 & 2,” all among Tool’s most brutal songs), culled mostly from Aenima with a little 10,00 Days and Lateralus thrown in there.

But the highlight of the evening, by far, was when Tool brought Intronaut’s drummer Danny Walker on stage to duel with Danny Carey during a rendition of the song “Lateralus.”

Holy shit.

I have never seen two drummers this good on a bill before, even if I have seen drummers this good elsewhere (Tuomas Haake, Stewart Copeland, Brann Dailor etc.). The resulting percussion battle must be seen to be believed! Fortunately, they did the same thing in Albuquerque and someone got it on camera. Check it:


The fuck, right? Get the man from Ulcerate on there and the universe just might collapse.

Anyway, I just figured you all might appreciate that!


  1. I will be at the Tool show in Connecticut next week and heard that the drummer from Ulcerate will be there! How about that?

  2. tools fans being picky and pseudo intellectuals is nothing new…but “Meshuggah is basically Tool with lower guitars and growling…” you have a crossed the line sir.techniques aside..i feel you are implying they have similar time signatures?(i speak in favor of meshuggah..thereby i OWN)

  3. This was a great show. I don’t know what kind of seats you had, but I ended up just sitting at a table back in the bar area on the upper level, because my friend and I had two tickets for different sections. Ended up having a great view of everything and good sound.

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