Jan 302012

Seems like I was just apologizing for the number of posts we’ve published today, but then I saw this album art for the first time and all thought of trying to be judicious with your time just evaporated like a soft shower in the Sahara.

I’m sure my enthusiasm is attributable in part to how eager I am to hear this album. Gorod is a remarkable band. Even as an inter-album EP, their 2011 release, Transcendence, blew me away. The next full-length, A Perfect Absolution, holds so much potential, and yet I have a feeling that it will unfold in multiple, unpredictable directions.

But wholly apart from anticipation for the music, this album art is bursting with visual extravagance and worthy of attention by itself. I don’t know what the bizarre imagery represents, but it’s striking. I also don’t know who created the artwork, though the style does seem familiar. I’m still searching for that info.

As for the music, the teaser video after the jump includes just a part of one song, without vocals, but it’s very sweet. Such a pity that the album won’t be released until March 12. It’s available for pre-order at Listenable Records web shop (here). I’ve put an even larger version of the album cover after the jump, too.



  1. Sigh, I love Gorod, but I hate that artwork. It’s rather too World Of Warcraft for me.

  2. Like I told you yesterday, I’ve been walking around with a constant half-bone just at the thought of this album. The art is alright, maybe not as cool as the art for Leading Vision, but I can dig it. But goddamn, I cannot wait to hear this bad boy.

  3. Gorod is amazing. Transcendence was spectacular. This is going to be mind blowing.

  4. I really don’t care for the album art, but this still might be my most anticipated album of the year. Gorod rules.

  5. I’m drunk and my balls demand supplication.

  6. Looks like a character from Mortal Kombat (the new one) to me.

    Hey look! I made a video game reference (possibly the first time ever)! Because my wife and daughter recently bought this game and now they’re trying to teach me how to play it.

  7. Artist is Yohann “HAÄSH” Huhner (Gorod Facebook Official)
    Can not wait for this release. Although there were abit too much vocals in Birds of Sulphur, the music was absolutley great!

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