Jan 302012

Yes, I realize we’re swamping you in posts today, but I do think this qualifies as newsworthy:

Psycroptic’s new album, The Inherited Repression, is streaming in full at Guitar World.  To get there, click this link.

The album will be released by Nuclear Blast on Feb. 7 in NorthAm and on Feb. 10 in Europe. The album is available for pre-order — with our without an exclusive T-shirt design — at this location.

I’m attempting to do what I’m paid to do at my job, and therefore haven’t yet had a chance to hear this. But unless I entered a parallel universe sometime between falling asleep last night and awakening today, this album will surely be a superior supercharger of technical death metal.


  1. YEEEES! Seeing them live in Gothenburg the 16th of Feb, with Origin and Leng Tch’e. Gonna have to listen in these songs before that.

  2. Well when they’re all posts full of ass kicking music, swamp away my good sir.

  3. Wait… One just realised that Psycroptic are Australian. One wonders if one should jump at them if one were to see them, for this sole reason.
    Of course, one might jump at them anyway. This sounds like a kind of Tech-Death which one can enjoy.

    • Oh, so one is from Australia?

      • No. One was born & raised, and is currently residing in India. So, one is doubtful to ever catch a live show by them.

        But, the desire to jump at Australians comes from one’s perception of Australia being the tan-skinned, less annoying and more cultured child of England, as compared to the USA. 😛

  4. Holy crap that was fun to listen to. Must have. Thanks for finding this.

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