Jan 302012


(NCS guest contributor SurgicalBrute keeping it real with a collection of alerts about forthcoming releases from four underground bands — Maveth (Finland), Ketzer (Germany), Witchrist (NZ), and Anhedonist (Seattle) — plus examples of music from the featured bands.)

Another year is done, and everyone’s “best of” opinion has been given. So what’s a metalhead to do? Well, you forget about everything you got in 2011 and start looking forward to 2012.

A few big names are already being thrown around, some of whom are personal favorites (Desaster, Evoken, fucking Asphyx) and some of whom are enjoyed by the wider community (Meshuggah, Testament, Neurosis). So, with another potentially strong year ahead of us, here’s a few more bands to keep your eye on


Unholy blackened death, Maveth is composed of 3/5 of Finnish death metal band Cryptborn (one of my personal Best of 2011 picks). Mixing killer blast beats with some surprisingly melodic riffs, they never really let one style dominate, equally taking the best from both genres. Maveth’s first full length has yet to receive a release date.  (Maveth music right after the jump . . .)



While largely unnoticed, Ketzer’s 2009 release Satans Boundaries Unchained was a blistering onslaught of headbangable blackened thrash. This year sees them return with their sophomore effort, Endzeit Metropolis, and judging by the preview track, the riffs are every bit as strong. Germany is known for its thrash, and Ketzer continues to do their countrymen proud. Look for it around late March.



For such a small country, New Zealand has really been making big waves in the metal world. Back in 2010, these Auckland death metallers released a crushing slab of primitive death metal called Beheaded Ouroboros. Combining extremely heavy atmosphere with a choatic wall of thundering riffs, Witchrist is stripped-down death metal at its best. Their second album, The Grand Tormentor, should be released later this year.



In 2010, Anhedonist released the first demo, The Drear. The result was a plodding funeral bell of doom that rolled through Seattle. Slow and crawling with sparse melodies they sound like a slightly deathier version of Evoken. Fans of  lumbering, ominous funeral doom would do well to watch this band. Their debut full length, Netherwards, will be released in early 2012



  1. I meant to comment earlier but didn’t. Maveth and Ketzer were both killer. Thanks for this!

  2. All good bands, great job!

  3. I especially liked Maveth.

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