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We’re as proud as a three-balled tomcat to bring you this very special NCS interview, conducted by e-mail. The victim was Sven De Caluwe, the frontman of AbortedSystem Divide, and grindcore trio Bent Sea (which also includes Dirk Verbeuren and Devin Townsend). In part because of his well-known demented sense of humor, we decided to tag-team him with an interviewing duo of Andy Synn and Phro — both of whom also wrote reviews for NCS of Aborted’s ass-ripping new album, Global Flatline (here and here), which is out now on Century Media Records.


Phro: Global Flatline. Holy fuck. This album impregnated my ears, impaled the aural baby with a clothes hanger, and roasted it over an open flame. This album was originally slated for a 2011 release . . . WHY DID IT TAKE SO FUCKING LONG???

We were too busy jerking off for the past 2 years. As you can imagine, the fine art of auto felatio can take up quite some time. In all honesty it took this long because we wanted to take our time to come up with the best album we could and not rush things out like we have on some past records.


Andy: So first off, can you give us some of the themes behind the title Global Flatline? (the less obvious ones I mean, more what it means to you personally).

As you can tell, it deals with the end of man through man. Different probable causes are taken on topics through the album, such as extremists and religion, drug abuse, social apathy and whatever else causes mankind to show its fantastic attributes to the world—and oh yes, let’s not forget feces. The album talks about feces too.


Phro:  Aborted was one of the first death metal bands I got into. (I believe Archaic Abattoir was the album.) I’ve loved all of your albums I’ve gotten so far, even Strychnine.213 which was not all that well received by many in the metal community. Did you go into the studio with that in the back of your mind? Did that prompt the massive line up changes? How do you feel about the album? What is its place in the Aborted oeuvre?

Why thank ya! As far as Strychnine goes, I would say it’s not really a terrible album but it’s not really an Aborted album perhaps. I don’t mind flirtations with more melodic elements and more modern elements as well, but this just took it a step too far, in retrospect, and also toned down the intensity too much. Aborted has always been a band that is to me about intensity and energy, combining brutality with groove, and that record just didn’t have the “rage” other albums had. If that makes sense. The line-up changes didn’t really occur because of the criticism about the album. It was due to clashes of which direction to take, personal issues and just unrealistic expectations from band members.


Andy:  What are some of your personal favourite songs on the record, with regards to their lyrics, etc?

That’s a tough one, but if I had to choose, it would have to be “The Origin of Disease”, “Global Flatline”, “Expurgation Euphoria” and “Fecal Forgery” (the latter for just being fun and catchy haha).


Phro: How much of the lyrics did your wife help you write? Also, how does she feel about songs like “Nailed Through Her Cunt”?

None, and she’s fine with a song that an old guitarist wrote about 11 years ago haha.


Andy:  Speaking of “Nailed Through Her Cunt”, what was the motivation behind re-recording the song?

We actually re-recorded two songs, “Eructations of Carnal Artistry” also got re-done for the occasion. The reason was we wanted to have some cool bonus material, and the album had its 10th anniversary in 2011, so it seemed like the perfect way to give a tribute to that album and the people that helped to create the album– as well as being a nicer bonus to the fans of the band, instead of some random covers.


Phro:  Any ideas on what to do with bodies after they start rotting? I think I read somewhere that lime doesn’t help much, and I can’t find any acid, so…

Cut it up and sell it to the closest kebab place.


Andy:  How did you hook up with the various guest vocalists?

Well, we went through all the official stages of courtsmanship: sent them flowers, asked their parents if they were cool to go out and shit. That, and since we have all been friends for forever, just sent them an email and they were excited to get involved with this slab of bwootal death metal!


Andy:  And was there anyone you wanted to get but couldn’t?

Scarlett Johansson, but that’s beside the point.


Phro:  I just realized that Aborted has been around since 1995. If Aborted were a human, it’d be allowed to drive, join the military, and get married in the United States. It’d also be about to graduate high school and go to college. Give us some good boozing and drug tips.

Kill yourself, murder the world.


Andy:  Samples have always been a big part of setting the mood and tone for Aborted, so I’d like to know what are your favourite samples off the new record?

Ummm, I think my absolute favorite would have to be the one in “Global Flatline” that really sets the tone: “I’m going to rape your fucking soul”. Hahah it just fits perfectly and is hilarious. Other than that, the samples on “Endstille” worked out pretty creepy, and I always have to smile at the Human Centipede samples on “Fecal Forgery” haha.


Phro:  Have you ever considered some chick flick sound clips in the songs, instead of horror movie stuff? Just to mix things up a little? I think it would have worked well for “Nailed Through Her Cunt”.

It surely would have, and I would have picked What Women Want with Mel Gibson, not only for the irony that it’s with Mel Gibson, but that movie altogether is an abomination to man.


Andy:  How is the new line-up gelling? I’m aware of Ken Bedene for example from his phenomenal drumming with Abigail Williams. He’s a great catch after Dirk was unable to commit the necessary time.

Yeah, I mean Ken has been with us for over two years now, he joined right when Coronary came out. Things have been great, everyone is a great musician and has been working hard to get everything worked out with the record– so here’s to hoping!


Phro: If you were gay, what male celebrity would you stalk, kill and masturbate all over? (I’d go with Brad Pitt, personally.)

Brad Pitt is a good choice, no homo.


Andy:  What does the rest of the year hold for Aborted? I’m looking forward to your UK tour with Decapitated that’s coming up shortly.

The year looks goddamn busy so far! First off, we are going to Brazil with Exhumed in a few weeks, then UK with Decapitated and Neurotic Death Fest, then some headline release shows in Europe, followed by some festivals. After that, we are going to tour the US in April/May, then back to Europe for more festivals, then back to the US, then I am going to shoot myself in the asshole.


Phro:  What’s the best alcohol from Belgium? (Beer or otherwise.) My girlfriend wants to know what the best chocolate in Belgium is, too.

I would go with Delirium Tremens, Leffe and Duvel for beer. Wortegemsen Jenever for liquor and best chocolate is Callebout. 😉


Andy:  People might not be as aware, but you actually do a lot of art/design work for various bands (including Aborted) – is there any work you’re particularly proud of you might want to showcase to our readers?

Umm, well I haven’t been able to do much of that lately due to the busy schedule and my dayjob, but I did  a ton of that stuff through the years. The latest thing I did was Benighted’s Asylum Cave (which turned out great), some merch for The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Kataklysm and Neuraxis.


Phro:  Fuck dubstep! (Why?)

Keep that garbage out of my metal.


Andy:  You’ve been instrumental in working with several bands besides Aborted (In-Quest, Leng Tch’e and currently System Divide).  Do you have any other projects lined up or is Aborted simply taking up too much of your time these days (not that that’s a bad thing)?

These days, it’s all Aborted and System Divide. I have a grindcore project with Dirk Verbeuren and Devin Townsend called Bent Sea, and I’m working on another grind project with our ex-bass player JB called Razorgrind.


Phro: Word association time!

Penis . . .? I have one

Tentacles . . .? Sexy

Balls . . .? Big ‘n sweaty

Anus . . .? Poopoo

Cum-covered shitstains . . .? Disturbing

Doctors . . .? Overpriced assholes


Andy:  Last question (from me at least) are there any bands out there you think our readers should check out, or any bands you’re particularly hoping to play with this year?

Yes, check out Benighted, a brutal death metal band from France. They released a killer album last year. Besides that, I really enjoy Dyscarnate and Fleshgod Apocalypse lately.


Phro: I was at a metal show in a really rural area of Japan, wearing an Aborted t-shirt. The singer for one of the bands immediately recognized it and we had a nice, brief chat. Do you think metal can cross international boundaries and bring us all together into one big incestious family? If so, what kind of lube do you all use?

Absolutely, it’s a cultural phenomenon that brings people together, much like love and Britney Spears! No lube, you go raw, doawg!


Phro:  According to Encyclopedia Metallum, you now live in Isreal. How is it? Can I crash at your place if I visit?

It’s pretty cool, pretty warm most of the time, and there is a good sense of social life and partying…If you don’t smell like shit and clean after yourself, sure!


Phro:  Once more, I just have to say that Global Flatline is fucking awesome. Any final comments you’d like to leave us with?

Thank you very much, dear sir! Please buy the album and then kill everyone before killing yourselves, thanks!


  1. As this is the first time I’m getting to see the answers, I have to say that Sven totally rocked that shit like crystal meth. (Meth is in rock form, right? I need to study more for my drug tests…)

    • I knew that by making you wait the ejaculation would be especially explosive.

      • I think my penis is gonna need reconstructive surgery……….

        I’d say I’d shape like your face…but then it would just have no head…and a penis with no head is like a cat with no claws. Or the will to fuck the couch.

  2. Impressive interviewee Islander, gj. Love their new release.

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