Feb 072012

We didn’t review Asylum Cave, the 2011 Season of Mist album by France’s Benighted. Nevertheless, it was one of the most blistering death/grind albums of last year. Today, we got a reminder of that when the band released their official video for “Let the Blood Spill Between My Teeth” — which is such a vividly descriptive title not only for this particular song, but also for what happens to most people when they hear it.

It is for songs such as this that we keep close at hand the patented NCS rawhide chew, which allows us to listen comfortably without biting through our tongues.

Such a great song. It unexpectedly moves from fast to blazing, and then back to merely fast, like a speed-shifting, coked-to-the-eyes Formula One driver with a behemoth engine behind him and an open road in front . Within the great blur of this tightly controlled but utterly bestial song, the band even manage to spin out an unexpectedly melodic passage, and stomp their whirlwind delivery with gut-shaking grooves that make it stand out even more.

I confess that I’m not entirely sure what’s happening in the parts of the well-made video that don’t involve the band whipping up a whirlwind of sound, except it seems to involve blood and a death (but what else did you expect?). If you don’t have a good rawhide chew handy, proceed with caution, but do check out the video after the jump.




  1. Damn, I’ve been trying to get into this band for a bit now. Some elephant-stunning riffs there, it’s just that the vocals seem a bit… silly in places.

    It’s that “reee…. reee….” style – I know it’s meant to be ultra brutal, but it sounds simply like the same syllable repeated over and over again. So the lyrics are unimportant, and it might as well just be a vocal sample on repeat. I know lots of bands use them, but I find them jarring.

    Which sucks, as the music is nasty shit.

  2. Gonna go with Andy on this one, I dig pig squeals but I think he just jumps around squeals to much. Goes from Northwestern Arctic Boar squeal to African Swallow Pig squeals, gotta pick a pork and stick with it.

  3. Generally, I hate, hate pig squeals. This was the first song and band that uses them without ruining the experience for me. That’s probably partially because most bands who use them just suck all around, but not these guys. One of my favorite brutal death albums from last year.

  4. I quite like pig squeals in general, so this song was like pure candy for my earballs. Just slathering wet, gooey ear candy all over the place up in this hizzle. We’re getting sticky and icky and licking everything in sight…mmmmm…

  5. Jupiter’s cock! This gave a good rise to my cock! Love the way it sounds like gods spreading your ass cheeks and ramming cock into arse! Brutalicious!

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