Feb 092012

This news is spreading like a viral wildfire across the netz, and who are we to question it? It appears the godalmighty Meshuggah have intentionally leaked a new song through the website http://iamaleak.com. I’ve read that the domain was registered by the band’s manager, and that suggests the connection. Plus, the motherfuckin song sounds like Meshuggah.

News of the leak has appeared here and there through anonymous posts, with this message:

the ophidian whispered those who seek shall be rewarded….

a sonic declaration of spIte And resentMent
its resonAnce grinding to dust our souls
the twine of revenge tightLy strung
its subharmonics thE undoing of All

and for those who asK for my name? / dotcom

Go past the jump and give this song a listen.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/35893994″ iframe=”true” /]

  18 Responses to “MESHUGGAH LEAK”

  1. Annoying, why so slow I mean come on man…

  2. I sense that Meshuggah has adopted a bit of the THALL. They said Vildhjarta was one of their favorite new bands recently.

    There will be faster material. I have a feeling they picked the slowest weakest song.

  3. Just a random observation.
    The randomly capitalized letters in the message are I – A – M – A – L – E – A – K. I AM A LEAK. Which is also the name of the url that the leak is heard at.

  4. Is something that is “leaked” intentionally still qualify as being “leaked”?

  5. this is just dumb… maybe cuz i was just listening to ” i ” from meshuggah… but this song could have never been released and the world would spin the same.

  6. How the fuck do you say this is too slow ITS MESHUGGAH FOR CHRIST SAKES!!

  7. That was kinda boring, in the Meshuggah way. Hopefully, it will make for a more interesting listen as a part of the album.

    Anyway, one thought you guys could use a laugh: Jens Kidman as usual on the cover of Close-Up.

  8. I like the slow, brooding *chugga chugga* Guess I’m the minority. 🙁 Also, this band hasn’t done anything worth listening to since Chaosphere. And you can quote me on the quote.

  9. {Attempting to cure infestation}

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