Feb 152012

A Perfect Absolution, the new album from that French band of wizards known as Gorod is one of our most highly anticipated 2012 releases. Unfortunately, it won’t be released in our corner of the globe until March 12 (it’s available for pre-order at Listenable Records web shop here). Judging solely from the stupendous album cover by Yohann “HAÄSH” Huhner, you have to expect it will be . . . pulse-quickening.

But there’s further evidence that this album will be one of 2012’s best offerings. Listenable Records have just started streaming the first song from the album on their YouTube channel. It’s called “Birds of Sulphur”, a title that links up quite nicely with the eye-catching cover art. And man oh man, is it a helluva good song! Simply put, this is tech metal done right.

Not only is it fast, jolting, and jaw-dropping in its instrumental virtuosity, not only does it include voracious vocals and an attack-and-destroy sensibility, it’s also a head-spinning trip through an inventive musical landscape — and I emphasize the word musical.

Listen after the jump — and I’m warning you: the first person who uses the phrase “mindless wankery” in the Comments, I’m coming for you with a meat cleaver.

  15 Responses to “NEW GOROD: “BIRDS OF SULPHUR””

  1. mindless wankery

    I kid, I kid.

    The whole song was boner inducing, but from 3:00 on it made me have to change my pants.

  2. Windless mankery!!!

  3. Mindful wankery.

  4. Self-gratification performed with little to no thought put into it.

    I kid. I liked it. A friend recommended Gorod to me and I’ve slowly been getting into them.

  5. Je baise amour gorod!!!!!!

  6. I liked the first half better, because with the vocals, it was like a shotgun blowjob.

    The latter half with less of the vocals wasn’t quite so voracious on my dangly pieces. But I still felt gently caressed as if by a kindly wolf mother.

    • That change between the shotgun blowjob and the wolf mother caress is a big part of what made the music work so well for me. And that caressing part still had the wolf claws and teeth in it.

      • I’m not disparaging…I just like to keep my shotgun fuckery and my wolf fuckery separate.

        KINDA like how you don’t brush your teeth BEFORE doing vodka shots. That doesn’t make sense.

  7. Mindless Wankery = break beats +time changes and arpeggios every 10 seconds.

    Gorod= technical blast beat fuck-fest with enough groove to kill a horse.

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