Feb 172012

“Do Not Look Down,” a second track off the upcoming new album KOLOSS by the almighty Meshuggah, is now available for streaming in the Nuclear Blast USA Web Shop.  If you click on any pre-order bundle item, it will take you to the SoundCloud player for the song.

Everyone will undoubtedly be comparing this song to the first one released from KOLOSS — “Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion”. Here’s my reaction: This song brings the funk, Meshuggah-style. The distinctive pneumatics are still present in abundance, but the song dances to a less coldly mechanical beat (not that I have anything against the frigid mechanics of the first song — I like it quite a bit, too). Plus, this song includes a guitar solo that will singe your eyebrows. Scorching vocals, too, but that’s to be expected.

Verdict: big win.

You should definitely go check out the album bundles at that Nuclear Blast shop — and listen to this song. For posterity, I’m leaving the SoundCloud player after the jump for the day when Nuclear Blast allows the embed to work on other sites. I believe this direct link will work, too:




  1. It’s like someone’s really angrily stomping on crackers. Crunch, crunch, crunch!

  2. That player died, but you can see a new one in the item pages as you said above.

    Pre-ordered the CD+DVD+shirt.

    • Yeah, the SoundCloud player isn’t yet activated so it will work on other sites like this one. I’m just leaving the code here so it will start working when NB makes it share-able.

  3. I think I am ready to call this one. They are pulling a “Haunted: Unseen.” I had to go find that other song and listen again to try and tell them apart. They’re both really boring and if this is the flavor of the album as a whole, then it will suck.

  4. This track is better but it still sucks…very disappointing.

    Meshuggah KOLOSS the pseudo pre-review (part 2)

  5. I like it. Neither track has perhaps been what I expected thus far. Definitely feeling a more “death metal” vibe to the sound though, it seems particularly song focussed and more about crawling into the psyche than punishing the mind and body with those crazy rhythms.

    Also, what’s with the recent influx of commenters posting random links into their comments?

  6. Yo check out my review of the new Meshuggah album at http://www.faaaaaaaart.gov/MeshuggahKoloss.html

    Seriouspost: I like this a little more than the first song they previewed and I think they’re both pretty good. Still looking forward to new Meshuggah.

  7. Yep… still dont get it

  8. This shit is awesome. Meshuggah started anything to do with this sound, so they can do whatever the fuck they want with it IMO. That being said, I honestly love it…

  9. mmmm groooovy, im gonna say this: ten times better than what the “kids” are listening to, sadly though I doubt they will understand Meshuggah…

  10. “A guitar solo that will singe your eyebrows!” Give me a fucking break.

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