Feb 242012

Black liquid flowing . . . shamanistic imagery . . . a robed figure with a horned headdress roams the forest . . . a band shrouded in smoke, playing in a darkened space, lit from below by a geometry of candlelight . . . the dark liquid flows, and a a horned raptor of the woodland takes shape . . .

Germany’s Secrets of the Moon will be releasing their new album Seven Bells via Prophecy Productions on March 16, and they’ve now uploaded the official video for a song called “Nyx”. It was directed by Fursy Teyssier and François-Marc Baillet at Viva Emptiness Studios, and it’s engrossing to watch.

The song as it appears on the album is about 11 minutes long, and it’s been cut down for the video, but it’s plenty engrossing at half the length anyway. It has a dreamlike quality, combining gothic melody, doom, and black metal to produce an atmosphere that’s both entrancing and sinister. To see the video, go past the jump.


  One Response to “SECRETS OF THE MOON: “NYX””

  1. Damn, those drums have a lot of dust on them. Seems like that would affect the sound…

    This seems like it shouldn’t appeal to me, but I like it…….I either need sleep or black goo turns me on….

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