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Drawing upon Norse mythology, Sweden’s Naglfar named themselves for the ship made from the nails of the dead that was foretold to carry the hordes of Hel across the waters, bringing them into battle with the gods of Asgard during the cataclysmic events of Ragnarök. The band released their first demo, Stellae Trajectio, in 1994 and their first album (Vittra) in 1995. On March 26, Century Media will release Naglfar’s sixth album, Téras, and today we’re privileged to stream the North American premiere of its fifth track, “An Extension of His Arm and Will”.

In addition to appearing on the album, the song will be released on Monday (Feb. 27) as a limited-edition 7″ single that will also include a non-album b-side song, “As Long As They Fear.” A white vinyl version will be limited to 100 copies exclusively for U.S. customers, and both black and transparent red vinyl versions will be shipped in the EU, also in limited quantities. They can be ordered through CM Distro via these links:  http://bit.ly/zk8eeq (EU) and http://bit.ly/yA7P3k (US).

Naglfar now features a line-up consisting of vocalist Kristoffer W. Olivius (the band’s original bass player, who become lead vocalist following the 2005 departure of Jens Rydén), guitarist Andreas Nilsson (who has been with the band since its inception), and guitarist Marcus E. Norman (who joined in 2000). The drums for Téras were recorded by Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Scarve).

Téras will be Naglfar’s first album in almost five years. One song from Téras — “Pale Horse” — has already debuted, and we featured it here on the day before Christmas. The new song that we’re premiering today confirms that Téras will be well worth the wait.

“An Extension of His Arm and Will” roars from the start with an ice storm of black metal ferocity, anchored by Verbeuren’s double-bass artillery attack. But before long Naglfar do what they have always done so distinctively and successfully, and that’s meld the soul-ripping force of black metal to the hook-laden melodies and galloping rhythms of Scandinavian melodic death metal. This is a song that’s immediately memorable, but thanks in large part to Olivious’ caustic vocals, doesn’t lose its obsidian edge.

Naglfar already have a loyal international following, but based on “Pale Horse” and this song, I have a feeling Téras is going to expand their numbers dramatically. Have at it, and while you listen to the song, gaze upon the album’s killer cover art by Niklas Sundin (guitarist for Dark Tranquillity), who also made the cover for Naglfar’s 2003 album, Sheol.


[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/05-An-Extension-Of-His-Arm-And-Will.mp3|titles=Naglfar – An Extension Of His Arm And Will]

We understand that Niklas Sundin’s album cover shows only part of a larger tableau, which will be revealed in its entirety when the CD is released in March. While we’re on the subject of alluring Naglfar album covers, we collected all of them in a post earlier this month, which you can access via this link.

Here’s the track list for Téras:

1. Téras
2. Pale Horse
3. III: Death Dimension Phantasma
4. The Monolith
5. An Extension Of His Arm And Will
6. Bring Out Your Dead
7. Come Perdition
8. Invoc(H)ate
9. The Dying Flame Of Existence



  2. Can’t…not…..headbang……must….


  3. Can’t wait!

  4. Not too shabby. And it made me happy to see an email from Century Media mentioning the song streaming here. Hope it makes for a nice traffic boost.

  5. This is what Galactus listens to before coming to eat your planet.

  6. I actually quite like this. Must check them out more!

  7. Fuck yes. I love Harvest (the previous albums not so much) and have been waiting for this for what seemed like bloody years. Based on this track, it’ll be just as good if not better.

    Now that I think about it, the Galactus line really works. It sounds spacey despite that not being an obvious influence on the lyrics (well, unless “The Monolith” is a 2001 reference in which case I’m talking rubbish).

  8. I think I might be a little late. I meant to check this out before today.

    No matter, this sounds great!

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