Dec 242011

The Friday before Christmas is probably not an ideal day for releasing important news. In fact, as eagle-eyed as I am, I nearly missed this item. I’m so glad I didn’t. When I saw it last night, I became nearly giddy with excitement. Not actually giddy, because giddy is not metal, but nearly giddy. Here are the key elements of this story:

Sweden’s Naglfar has finished recording their new album — the first one since Harvest was released in 2007. It will be called Téras. It will be released by Century Media in March of next year. Sometime between now and then, the band will put out a limited-edition 7″ single that will include one track from Téras and a second song that will be exclusive to the single.

The band’s new line-up is down to vocalist Kristoffer W. Olivius (the band’s original bass player, who become Naglfar’s lead vocalist prior to the recording of Pariah (2005) after the departure of Jens Rydén), guitarist Andreas Nilsson (who has been with the band since its inception), and guitarist Marcus E. Norman (who joined in 2000). The drums for Téras were recorded by Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Scarve).

Last but certainly not least, yesterday Century Media made at song from the new album available for streaming. It’s called “Pale Horse”, and you can listen after the jump. If the quality of Naglfar’s previous albums weren’t enough to put Téras on your radar screen, this song should do it.

With “Pale Horse”, Naglfar deliver yet another infectious example of their distinctive style of black metal — with elements of death metal, powerful grooves, and melodic hooks stewed together in a cauldron of rampaging black metal viciousness — like what I imagine Dissection would be recording if they were still around and hadn’t made a left turn later in their career.

Also, as I learned from a comment by byrd36 about 15 months ago after I ignorantly made fun of Naglfar’s name while riffing on band names in general (here), it is in fact one of the most metal band names in existence. As explained by The Font of All Human Knowledge: “In Norse mythology, Naglfar or Naglfari (Old Norse “nail ship”) is a boat made entirely from the fingernails and toenails of the dead. During the events of Ragnarök, Naglfar is foretold to sail to Vígríðr, ferrying hordes that will there battle with the gods.”

So, check out “Pale Horse”. I think you’ll be glad you did.

UPDATE: Well, fuck, now that Naglfar is dominating my mind, I thought I’d add this pro-shot video of the band performing “A Swarm of Plagues” live at the Party.San Open Air festival in 2006. This is one of the live clips included on the bonus DVD that came with the special edition of Harvest. Also, Naglfar finally established an official facebook page HERE. Naglfar with only 192 likes? That will change . . .


  1. There have been a lot of the black metal bands with death like growls featured here lately. It’s inspiring my faith in black metal. Also, these guys use melody in a way that reminds me of Among Amarth.

    It sounds good even over my phone’s shitty external speakers.

    Was Harvest in this vein, or was it more traditional black metal (if such a thing exists).

    • Harvest is in the same vein as this new outing, Naglfar have been quite consistent through their releases, although each album has it’s own distinct atmosphere. When Jens Rydén left, who is by the by the greatest black metal vocalist ever, I was a bit sceptic that his successor would be up to the task, but thankfully Olivius took over and he is one Hell of a vocalist as well, absolutely perfect for the band.

      • I got Harvest and am listening to it now…

        I have to say that this album is solid as a fucking granite statue of Hercules and his hard on.

        Either my tastes have changed or I’ve finally started to find black metal that appeals to me. Whatever; I’m definitely looking forward to the new album now!

        • Diabolical is my favorite by the band, but if you’re interested in a little bit more violence but still very much in the Naglfar vein, check out Jens Rydén’s solo project, Profundi and The Omega Rising album from 2006. Among my favorite black metal offerings out there.

  2. Olivius did not leave Setherial to become the vocalist in Naglfar, it was only a side-project for him but he has been with Naglfar since it’s inception in ’92, serving as bass guitarist / backing vocalist and he took over as full-time vocalist before Pariah came out in 2005 so this will be his third full-length in that duty.

  3. An early x-mas present!

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