Feb 272012

Anyone who thinks Job For A Cowboy is still a deathcore band didn’t hear the band’s 2011 EP, Gloom. You can simulate listening to it by reading Andy Synn’s NCS review (here). Or you can check out a song from JFAC’s forthcoming album, Demonocracy, because that’s what we have for you in this post.

The new, 9-track album, produced by Jason Suecof, is scheduled for release on April 10 by Metal Blade, who is accepting pre-orders for it now (here). It catches the eye with an album cover by Brent Elliott White, and it includes the return of two musicians who made their first JFAC appearance on Gloom — guitarist Tony Sannicandro and Cephalic Carnage bassist Nick Schendzielos, who replaced Brent Riggs last year.

Gloom revealed a band who were unabashedly leaving their deathcore roots behind and instead connecting with their death metal forebears, and even incorporating elements of black metal and doom on certain songs. What then does Demonocracy hold in store?

Well, I don’t know for sure, and it’s dim-witted to generalize about an entire album based on a single song. So, despite the fact that being dim-witted comes naturally for your humble editor, I’ll unnaturally focus only on “Nourishment Through Bloodshed”.

The song is scathingly vicious, leading off with a brutally fine bass barrage (and that very sweet bass work audibly continues on to the end) and then bursting open with a firestorm of furious riffing. As on Gloom, the drumming crushes and the rhythms are relentlessly convulsive. A whip-cracking guitar solo makes an appearance (and apparently every song on the album will include a Sannicandro solo).

There were tastes of this kind of accelerated brutality on Gloom (e.g., “Execution Parade”), and it seems to suit the band’s skills just fine. I’m sure the album will include changes of pace and varying stylistic nuances (as Gloom did), but this first, super-heated taste of the album is promising.


P.S. In addition to that Metal Blade landing page I linked above, IndieMerch is also selling Demonocracy pre-order bundles. You can check that out here. (Thanks Utmu, for that tip.)


  1. That was extremely satisfying. They’ve really come a long way.

  2. Having never listened to Job for a Cowboy before, I’d say that was pretty tasty. Not soaked-my-panties-through tasty but they’re definitly a little moist.

  3. Tasty. Very tasty.

    But you know I’d become totally unaware that Brent had left the band.

    • From de press release I got:

      “A key factor in this progression was the change in the band’s ranks, which finds vocalist Jonny Davy, drummer Jon “Charn” Rice, and guitarist Al Glassman joined by guitarist Tony Sannicandro, who met Al when he was a session guitarist for Despised Icon and filled the slot vacated by Thompson. In addition, Cephalic Carnage bassist Nick Schendzielos replaces Brent Riggs. Having initially brought Sannicandro and Schendzielos on as touring musicians, the members immediately gelled, and first wrote together on 2011’s Gloom EP, sealing the deal and securing their places as full-fledged members of the band.”

  4. I like WET N GIGGLY myself (not this band, just the term)

  5. I like the title. I wish I had come up with that word.

  6. I saw deathcore jfac play once after skeletonwitch (admittedly a really hard live act to follow), and i felt embarrassed for jfac for a few minutes before i left. new incarnation seems a lot more respectable, however. [as an aside, i feel really bad every time i write ‘jfac’ – it seems like it should be a celebrity couple name, like tomcat or something. they should rebrand theselves as cowjob or something. nevermind.]

    • Excellent observation about the jfac acronym. I’d be happy with Cowjob, but something tells me the band might have misgivings.

      • well, they could probably get onto tours with cattle decapitation a lot easier. though, as you say, they might have misgivings about what what would be expected of them as a ‘warm-up’ act.

  7. Well holy shit, they’re still getting better. I was worried Gloom might be a flash in the pan but I’m really looking forward to this release now.

    Also thirding the Cowjob nomination.

  8. I’ll third the Cowjob name change idea.

    Also, I’m not really sure what their older music sounded like, but if it doesn’t sound like this, I guess I won’t bother with it.

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