Feb 282012

BadWolf introduced me and many of you to Death Grips through the first installment of a series in which he spotlights the music of non-metal bands (here) — though I think most listeners would agree that there’s a helluva lot about Death Grips that’s metal. Because of BadWolf’s post, I got interested and starting following the band’s news. Early this month we reported that they intended to release two albums this year, including a song called “Blackjack”, which I included in that earlier post.

More news surfaced yesterday, and it kinda blows my mind: Death Grips has signed a record deal with Epic, the major label owned by Sony whose stable includes artists such as Fiona Apple, Natasha Bedingfield, and Brandy. Okay, to be fair, Epic is also home to Lamb of God, Ozzy Osbourne, and Judas Priest. As well as George Michael and Jennifer Lopez. And Mudvayne.

I hear the distant rumble of a throaty “What the fuck?!?” Or maybe that’s just my throat. I mean, Death Grips isn’t exactly a natural fit with the Epic roster, and I do wonder by what logic Epic saw this as a money-making signing, because this band is definitely out there. Or under there (“I am below / so far below / the bottom line”). Maybe Epic is trying to put some edge on their image.

As for Death Grips, I’m happy they get some label backing regardless of where it comes from; I certainly don’t expect that this group is going to “sell out”. I’m also now waiting for the J-Lo cover of “Beware” — “Dismiss this life / worship death / Cold blood night of serpent’s breath”. Fuck yeah. And I’m also happy that to celebrate the signing news, the band released another new song called “Get Got”. More details about the two albums plus the song are after the jump.

The first of the new albums is called The Money Store. It will be out on April 24 and includes both “Blackjack” and “Get Got”. The second album is titled No Love and will be out sometime this fall.

I’m waiting for the duet with Brandy, hearing her belt out:

In the time before time eyes ‘bove which horns
Curve like psychotropic scythes
And smell of torn flesh bled dry
By hell swarms of pestis flies
Vomiting forth flames lit by
An older than ancient force
That slays this life with no remorse

Worth waiting for that, don’t you think? And in the meantime, I know what Death Grips will be doing:

Sit in the dark and ponder how I’m fit to make the bottom fall through the floor
And they all fall down – yah

Where was I?  Oh yeah, the new song, “Get Got”. Well, it’s a departure from Ex-military. The vocals (still garbled) are toned down and restrained, and the synths have taken on a surreal, psychedelic aspect. The song isn’t as raw or as heavy as what I was getting used to, and Death Grips is obviously pursuing a different conceptual theme on this next album, but the song is definitely still . . . out there. Or under there. And I’m still diggin’ it. Sounds best turned to 11.


P.S. I just discovered that you can download both “Get Got” and “Blackjack” for free through the SoundCloud players on this page.

  6 Responses to “DEATH GRIPS GET GOT BY EPIC”

  1. I think I liked Ex-Military more, but this is still a great fucking song.

  2. Also, shouldn’t the subheader be: Nekro the Dildo Up My Ass?



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