Mar 012012

Lots of new music relevant to my interests debuted yesterday. Because it interests me, I presume that it will interest you, because of course if something is interesting to me it will necessarily interest you simply because I find it interesting. If you disagree with that statement, please keep it to yourself so that I can retain my high opinion of myself.

Because this post includes so much music, I will attempt to keep my verbal diarrhea in check by using the patented NCS butt plug, figuratively speaking of course. Not literally. Literally, I’ll limit my song descriptions to two words each.


We previously featured the artwork for this Italian band’s new album. It will be called Sedition and will be released on March 27 in North America, April 2 in the U.K., and April 6 in mainland Europe via Prosthetic Records.

HoP will be following the release of Sedition with a North American tour — their first — which will be headlined by The Black Dahlia Murder and will also include Nile and Skeletonwitch. I already climbed out on a limb and predicted that this will blow up Hour of Penance in North America much as their fellow Romans in Fleshgod Apocalypse blew up through NorthAm touring in the wake of last year’s Agony.

Now we’ve got the first track from Sedition:, which Terrorizer premiered yesterday: Bone splintering.

“Sedition Through Scorn”

(thanks to Utmu for this tip)

Next, let’s go to Belgium, shall we?


Enthroned’s new album, Obsidium, will be released on March 20 in Europe and on April 10 in North America via Agonia Records. We’ve already featured the title track from the album (here), and as of yesterday we have a second one. It’s called “Nonvs Sacramentum”.

Hell raising.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Now let’s move to Oakland, California . . .


High On Fire’s new studio album De Vermis Mysteriis is due on April 3 from eOne Music. It was recorded with producer and Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou.

Yesterday, Pitchfork premiered the first single from the album, which is called “Fertile Green”. It’s already available for purchase on iTunes.

Viciously hammering.

Jumping the Atlantic to Merry Olde England . . .


I first wrote about this one-man band in a MISCELLANY post last December, and that has a lot more detail about Foul Body Autopsy and the music. Yesterday, we got a new single from FBA called “And the World Looked On In Horror.”

Bowel rupturing.

Now, back to my neck of the woods in the States . . .


Ex-Nevermore guitar wizard Jeff Loomis has a solo album called Plains of Oblivion coming in April from Century Media. The following video is a Loomis playthrough of a track from the album called “The Ultimatum”. It actually debuted late last week instead of yesterday, but what the fuck.

As you watch this, keep in mind that Loomis is 41 years old. The mind boggles at the thought of what he’ll do when he’s 50, or 60.

Holy blessed mother of fuck. (Okay, that was five words instead of two, but the butt plug came loose. Actually, when I watched this, it was expelled with the velocity of a rifle shot and knocked my cat unconscious.)

(via TheMadISraeli)


  1. Sadly I did not have the luxury of a butt plug, so I sprayed my brain out my ass for the entirety of this post.

    Now I need to find a mop…

    • I’m thinking of selling the plugs, with the raised, wrap-around NCS logo, in both the pre-lubed and bone-dry varieties. One size fits all. It’s the only reason I have any brain left.

  2. That’s a ripping good Loomis tune 🙂

  3. I merely ejaculated my brain out through my eyeballs at supersonic speed. Needless to say, there was some eyeball rupturing as a consequence. This post was dictated to a kind friend who was spared the video and thus still able to see.

  4. So glad that the vocals didn’t change all that much, in fact it actually really sounds a lot like Francesco Paoli is still in the band. At least to me anyway. That’s definitely a must-get this year.

  5. march 27th is going to be the best day ever: new meshuggah, the mars volta, and hour of pennance. fuck yeah!

  6. The new Hour of Penance sound fucking great! I am gonna make sweet sweet giant snake love to that record when I finally get it.

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