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I’ll spare you a lengthy introduction, because I’ve already written a novella-length review of Spawn of Possession’s new album Incurso, which is rapidly approaching its March 13 release date. I’ll repeat only this over-the-top concluding paragraph from the review:

Incurso is a landmark album. In the rarified air of technical death metal, it has re-set the bar to a new height. Compared to it, the vast majority of even very good albums in this field seem . . . rudimentary.  We may see its equal someday, but to this simple mind, it’s difficult to conceive how it could be surpassed.”

The first two songs from the album that have been officially released are included with the review, and today we have a third: “Servitude”. It appears in the form of a lyric video. I find the words distracting. I recommend that you close your eyes and just allow the music and the sound of the vocals to tie your neurons in knots. Thanks to Metal Injection’s premiere, we have the lyric video after the jump.


Click Here To Watch The Video


  1. This and the Dreaming Dead album are the releases that I am looking forward to the most.

  2. I regret not taking your advice about ignoring the on-screen lyrics, because to be honest, I find them a bit stupid (and, like you said, distracting). I guess I’m sort of an oddity among most metal heads in that I’ve never held any affection for gory death metal lyrics. That’s beside the point, though; as is to be expected from Spawn of Possession, the music itself is absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait for “Incurso”.

    • The only reason for this band to have lyrics is to give Dennis Röndum something to shape his voice around — but what the words are is entirely superfluous. His voice acts as one more instrument, and it’s the instrumental extravagance that makes this album so good. I’m with you, I’d really be much happier not paying attention to the lyrics at all.

      • Yeah, I definitely agree, and I really love the sound of Dennis’ vocals.

      • I also agree that it is often better to ignore the lyrics. I sometimes wish death metal would imitate Frank Zappa by creating ridiculous lyrical content. Then, just in case you actually read the lyrics, you would get some meaningless humor out of it.

        • This happens quite often for me with death metal lyrics, but I guess it just depends on what your sense of humor is. Some bands are just so ridiculously over the top with their lyrics.

          • I realize that you are right, now that I thought a little more. Cephalic Carnage and Anal Cunt come to mind for silly lyrics.

    • No affection for gory lyrics either, bro. I prefer the introspective style of ITP-era Death.

    • Definitely better once I started looking at something else. I totally agree about the lyrics of most metal. I think I feel the same way about most music really, sometimes I wonder if I would like more clean singing if it was in another language where I didn’t have to be upset about having some singer put stupid trains of thought into my head.

      • You might want to experiment with Solstafir. Great music, and they sing (mostly clean singing) in Icelandic:

        • Thanks for the link. Solstafir has been slowly growing on me. I do enjoy the more tortured end of the vocals over the clean end, but since their goal is emotional range and not all-out brutality I can get behind what they’re doing here. Now the question becomes whether or not I decide to allow emotional music back into the loop after having spent so long charring my heart with brutal apocalyptic post death prog. I’m going to leave that an open question for now. Not bad Solstafir, not bad.

  3. Hasnt this album come out yet…jeez, how long could it possibly take to summon some cthulhuesque undead skeleton shark.

    • DUDE. You have NO IDEA how hard it is to skin 666 6-year-olds alive. You have to use the officially sanctioned Cthulu summoning peeler too, and you know they fuck the blades on all of them just to make the goddamn kids squirm MORE. Fuck. And you can’t just use chloroform on them, because then their skin doesn’t smell right and cthulu’s cthuluboner just doesn’t stand at attention quite the right way.

      Fucking 6-year-olds and their attachment to their skin.

    • It looks more eel-like or worm-like than shark-like though.

  4. I liked this one much more than the first one you posted.


    That’s all I hear in the lyrics. And it makes me happy to party with a T-Rex.

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