Mar 122012

To be brutally honest, I’m not my usual cheery self today. My fucking day job continues to interfere severely with the vastly more important job of entertaining the vast numbers of people (vast, I tell you) who count on NCS each day to give them a reason for living. But my spirits improved dramatically (albeit briefly) when I saw the new video from Terrorizer for the title track of their new album, Hordes of Zombies.

The band’s 1989 debut, World Downfall, is credited by lots of folks as being a landmark in the development of grindcore, but the band folded not long after, with its members going on to join little known acts such as Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, and Nausea.

There was a brief reunion of sorts, with Jesse Pintado and Pete Sandoval from the original band recruiting vocalist Anthony Rezhawk (Resistant Culture) and Tony Norman (Morbid Angel) to add guitars and bass, producing the 2006 album Darker Days Ahead. In the week following its release, Pintado died of complications from liver failure.

Now, Terrorizer has risen again, with David Vincent (Morbid Angel) on bass and guitarist Katina Culture (Resistant Cuture) filling out the line-up. So far, I’ve only heard the title track, courtesy of this new video, but I . . . fucking  . . . love it!

The song fells large trees, destroys neighborhoods, nukes entire cities, and spawns legions of zombie metalheads. You can see all of that in the video. Apart from its destructive and mutating consequence, the song is a headbanger’s delight. It just rampages ahead like a death-grind locomotive, with a catchy-as-fuck tremolo lead surfacing throughout.

To watch Pete Sandoval attack the drum kit, you wouldn’t know he was still rehabbing from back surgery late last year. Sounds great, looks great.

Check it out — and give thanks to Metal Injection for premiering this clip.

Click Here To Watch The Video


Hordes of Zombies is out now on the Season of Mist label.


  1. LOL, I like how they have the bassist’s face covered up so you don’t realize it’s not Vincent. Or maybe it was and they didn’t want to really admit it and show his face in the video for fear of being “hardcore radical”.

    While I like the riffs, Pete’s drumming is pretty standard fare, nothing remarkable or memorable about it (and it was apparently recorded PRE SURGERY/INJURY). I also like Rezhawk’s vocals in RESISTANT CULTURE better and find them less monotonous than when he does Terrorizer stuff.

    Overall, I kinda enjoyed this one in whole. It’s not mind blowing or ground breaking or has any lasting long term appeal, but it’s better than Darker Days (not saying much).

    • From the press release I received: “The video, the band’s first, was shot and filmed entirely by the band in Los Angeles and includes some of the first footage of legendary drummer Pete Sandoval after his well publicized back surgery.”

      • Well yeah the video is post surgery, but not the actual music. He does look different in his playing, much less ferocious.

  2. If metal is sex, then that was the musical equivilant of having your ass pounded by a jackhammer…made by Satan.

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