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Uh, let’s see now, I posted an update about this tour yesterday and concluded with these words: “I may or may not write about this tour again before the final line-up becomes public. Probably will. Sticking to resolutions isn’t my strong suit.” Well, I may not know much, but I do seem to have a good understanding of myself.

As of yesterday, the SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour organizers had disclosed the names of three of the 10 bands who will be eligible for fan voting to select the opening act on the tour — though they also suggested they might let fans pick two opening acts. I wondered why they just didn’t go ahead and reveal all 10 names, but I wonder about a lot of things. Anyway, late last night they gave us the whole list, which you can see above.

To vote for who you think should be the opening band, go HERE. On that page, you’ll also see a link which says “Results”. Along with annoying pop-up ads, clicking on that link will give you the latest voting tally. As I’m writing this (at approximately 11 p.m. Pacific time on Monday night), less than 3,000 votes have been cast so far, and Fallujah is in the lead with 19% of the vote, followed by Vildhjarta with 16% and I Declare War with 15%. I’m sure by the time you read this, the vote totals will have changed.

Now, the marketing theory behind this voting thing is pretty transparent, and I have to say that at least in my case, it’s working. I’m actually curious about who will win because I happen to like every single band on the list! (As I wrote that, I could imagine KevinP beginning to type his comment — “What a shock. You like everything. All these bands blow.”) In fact, we have written about and praised every one of the bands at one time or another here at NCS.

If I didn’t give a fuck about any of the bands, I wouldn’t care about the vote outcome. But now I’m curious.

I haven’t voted yet . . . and I’m not sure I will, because I would have some trouble making up my mind, especially since I’ve only seen two of these bands perform before (Fallujah and Seattle’s I Declare War). I could narrow it down, I think, but not by a lot, and then I’d have to think hard (at least if I were going to take it seriously), and thinking hard  is against my religion, so I’m probably just going to fuck off instead.

Anyway, I just want to say that even though this is not a list of the 10 bands I would have picked for fan voting if I were in charge of this tour, it is an interesting list and I would be happy to watch any one of them start the show and I hope the promoters will package up the losers for another SLAUGHTER SURVIVORS tour like they did last summer.

So there you have it. Now feel free to tell me in the Comments (a) which of these bands ought to win, or (b) which of these bands you think will win; or (c) that you don’t give a rat’s furry ass who wins and who loses and that I should die of rectal cancer for liking any of them.

I’ll go out on a limb and make a prediction, without saying whether I think this is what should happen, because that would require thinking hard. Despite the fact that I don’t exactly have my finger on the pulse of what’s most popular in metal among fans who are decades younger than moi, I’m seeing this as a throwdown between the -core scene and the djent scene — which means the bands closer to straight-up death metal will have a tough time of it — and my guess is that Vildhjarta will come out on top, especially because the djent vote (unlike the -core vote) isn’t going to be split between them and anyone else.

Also, I took into account that Vildhjarta have more Facebook likes than any other band on the list except I Declare War — though IDW has a lot more than Vildhjarta. But Vildhjarta is from Europe and hasn’t toured the U.S. before, and IDW tour like maniacs, so I think that also gives Vildhjarta an edge (whether it should or not).

Okay . . . comments!  (a), (b), or (c) . . .



  1. Whoa there son… are you trying to suggest that KevinP is a predictable curmudgeon who (99% of the time) only seems to bother posting on topics he’s not interested in, about bands he doesn’t like, in order to tell us, his adoring public, that he isn’t interested in this topic and he doesn’t like these bands???

    That sir, is slander, and I for one will have no part of it.

    Anyway, I think you should get Hour Of Penance, Battlecross, or Enfold Darkness. Not too fussed about any of the others.

  2. I voted for Pathology, but would be equally happy seeing Cerebral Bore, Hour of Penance, or Vildjharta win. I’m not familiar enough with any of the other bands to comment on them.

    • Not familiar?!? Could this mean that you don’t read every word of every NCS post as if your life depended on it?

    • Wow I’m pretty much in the same boat as you, save for Vildjharta who I would like to see win after the first three. If I’m going to vote I don’t know whether I should vote for Cerebral Bore, Pathology or Hour of Penance… if I’m lucky when they come as close to me on their tour with TBDM, Nile, and Skeletonwitch I’ll get to see them, which would limit my votes to Cerebral Bore and Pathology…

      I like both of those bands a lot… it’s still a hard chioce to make. CB don’t really get to America that often, but Pathology normally stays on the West Coast and Mexico from what I’ve seen on Facebook. The problem is that I live on the East Coast. I don’t know.

  3. Plesantly surprised to see Cerebral Bore doing so well. VERY surprised Fallujah is so popular; that tour must have done them good. I’m voting for Battlecross, doubt they’ll win.

    • I caught Fallujah on the tour headlined by Goatwhore, and they put on a great show before a very enthusiastic crowd. Unfortunately, Cerebral Bore didn’t play that night. Not sure why. Anyway, I still really want to see them. Maybe this will give me a second chance.

      • I wanted to see Fallujah on the Goatwhore tour, but apparently they thought it was more important to flip their van and trailer on a wintry road instead of playing in Kansas City. So I may vote for them. No snow or ice in summer so no excuses.

        I think Homeland Security thought Cerebral Bore was the Irish branch of Al Qaeda, because the story I heard was that they couldn’t get visas. They also were not in KC. But Battlecross was. Maybe Cerebral Bore gets a vote.

        Then again, this tour is going to Wichita instead of KC, so maybe I don’t care.

  4. (As I wrote that, I could imagine KevinP beginning to type his comment — “What a shock. You like everything. All these bands blow.”)

    LOL, Hour of Penance is pretty cool. But yeah, not interested in any of these other bands at all. (Goatwhore is good live but not a huge fan of them on record for some reason).

    Too much new jack shit for the kids overall on this tour. I’ll stick with Maryland Deathfest (where old school weenies go for their UBER underground fix 🙂

    • Ha got called a kurmudgeon again and I didnt

      …wait a minute. Why dont I ever get named dropped in articles. Am I not kurmudeony enough?

      • I was thinking about writing an article about the joys of anal leakage…I’ll be sure to mention you in it!
        Because nothing says love like anal leakage. Ergo: Goatse = Cupid.

    • I really want to go to Maryland Deathfest, but I don’t see that happening… /sadface

  5. I voted Hour of Penance. In the end, I guess it doesn’t matter, since the tour is already awesome beyond belief.

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