Mar 122012

No, that’s not the cover to Gorod’s new album. It’s part of the artwork for a forthcoming 7″ by New Zealand’s Heresiarch. We’ve posted the Gorod cover many times already, and I thought the Heresiarch art was so sick that it should be shared.

Okay, that didn’t make a lot of sense, did it? Gorod and Heresiarch have nothing in common except they’re both metal. But my brain is kinda scrambled at the moment because I just listened to a new Gorod song. It’s called “Carved In the Wind” and it features a jazzy guitar solo by Christian Muenzner (Obscura). I presume the song will eventually begin streaming on YouTube or some other more frequently visited location, but for now it’s in a tiny player that you’ll have to squint to find at Vs-webzine (HERE). Look for the cover art for Violent Absolution and you’ll see the player to the left of it.

I haven’t yet listened to the Gorod album, but I have it on good authority from a respected blogger friend (who has heard the album) that it may be the tech-death album of the year. Those are strong words, given that 2012 has produced Incurso by Spawn of Possession., in addition to a new one from Psycroptic and one to come from Cryptopsy. I may have to shove aside other albums I’m supposed to be spinning and jump right to the Gorod. Actually, there’s no maybe about it.

“Carved In the Wind” is delicious. I love the swirling guitar lead and the pulsing keyboard tones. I love the funky bass line. I love that jazzy guitar solo. I love that Gorod have pulled together in a single song so many different stylistic elements in a way that seems natural and have produced music that’s not only head-twisting but also melodic, memorable, and a headbanger to boot. Go check it out and then come back here and write something that makes no sense in the Comments.

Speaking of making no sense, there’s more Heresiarch artwork after the jump, from their last EP, Hammer of Intransigence, plus a live Heresiarch song clip.


“Intransigent” (live)



  1. that is possibly the worst sounding live clip of all time. There wasn’t anything better ?????????????

  2. Oh sweet mother of Beelzebub. That solo, hgnuuuuuuuuuuh.

    My tech-death erection has definitely lasted longer than 48 hours, should probably consult a doctor.

  3. calling Cryptopsy tech-death is laughable

  4. Calling Cryptopsy anything other than CRAP after Lord Worm left is laughable.

  5. SInce Cryptopsy seems to be getting no love, I guess I should have mentioned that in 2012 we should also see a new Dysrhythmia album (scheduled to be recorded in May) and a new Gorguts release. Smiles anyone?

    I’m not mentioning Necrophagist. Not. Mentioning. Them.

  6. Whisper Supremacy is the best Cryptopsy album.

    And, indeed, one of the best tech-death albums around.

  7. OK, it was me who said the new Gorod was awesome. It’s true. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I have a major hard-on for these fine Frenchmen. And it is, unsurprisingly, a great album. I need to keep listening to it to get my head around it and determine if it tops Process Of A New Decline, but my initial impression is that it at least comes close. I’ve listened to it four times since getting my hands on it last night. And I can’t stop.

    As for tech-death this year, aside from the new Psycroptic and Spawn Of Possession albums, there have been excellent releases from Xenocide, Innerty, Okular, and of course the forthcoming albums from Bloodshot Dawn and Gory Blister, both of which I have heard and enjoyed. And that’s not even considering the numerous other releases that I’ve heard and thought were decent (Veil Of Maya and Beneath The Massacre, to name a few) or just can’t think of offhand. This is a good year for tech-death.

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