Mar 252012

Shit, that’s a lot of fuckin’ skulls, innit?

Yes, brethren and sistren, we decided to change our clothes. Not that there was anything wrong with the old clothes, other than the fact that they hadn’t been washed in about a year, but sometimes a new look helps keep things interesting. Or so I’ve been told.

I am not responsible for our new look. I had some input into the tweaks here and there, but credit for the new banner, background art, and font goes to none other than groverXIII, the creator and frontman of The Number of the Blog who occasionally comes slumming here at NCS when he’s not working on his next blog project. Grover also designed our last site header, and this time, as then, he did it out of the goodness of his heart, for which yours truly is very grateful.

So, what do you think? Leave comments after the jump, and be honest.

And remember, no matter how much we try to pretty up the outer trappings of the site, the inner workings will still look like this:



  1. I think this banner is just damn puuuurty!
    Even better than the last!

  2. Skulls are fucking metal.

  3. I like it, at first it seemed like it was a bit much, like it was overwhelming, but I think I’ve warmed up to it. Looks great grover!

    Islander, I noticed that at the bottom of the site it still says “Background art by Jon Zig.” I don’t think grover and Jon Zig are the same person… OR ARE THEY?! DUN! DUN! DUN!

  4. The header definitely stands out more now.

  5. WOOOOO! Lets celebrate by slaughtering some babies and drinking their goats.

    On a serious note, I feel like the banner blends with the background too much, giving like a weird window effect. Maybe darker/different shade?

  6. Looks sharp as hell! Very nice!

  7. And with this, NCS has officially bekome the metal blogosphere’s most kvlt blog.

  8. Wicked artistic direction, best part is its not overpowering with the focus being the content, but if you choose to look at the background you will find plenty of detail and interest in it!

  9. This looks awesome. Major props.

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