Mar 272012

My fucking day job is making me get on an airplane shortly for a long trip. The airplane may have wi-fi, in which case there will be more posts today. However, it may not, in which case I will most likely drink myself into a stupor and have to be removed by federal air marshals in a fireman’s carry.

I just didn’t want you to think I had fallen into the loris compound and been consumed (slowly) by the (patiently) waiting hordes.

In the meantime, I recommend you listen to High On Fire’s new album, De Vermis Mysteriis, which began streaming yesterday at NPR. I’ve not been a huge fan of HOF, but this sounds different and more varied from what I remember on their last album, and it’s good.

Or you could just spend hours pondering the layers of meaning in the photo up above and leave your interpretations of its message in the comments.

Here’s the HOF album cover, which is also good:

  34 Responses to “THERE WILL BE A DELAY”

  1. Have you heard HOF’s album from 2007? One of the best of the last decade imo.

  2. Aren’t day jobs a pain in the ass? There is important metal business to be shared out there and we can’t break away long enough to do it. All because of the need to feed,clothe and shelter our self and maybe our families. Stupid responsibility.

  3. My part time day job consists of me sitting at the front desk of a library and terrorizing other college students while listening to Mercyful Fate and Tech Death…do I win? Also that HOF cover screams: “TO MUCH VISINE!”



  5. Also, pretty sure that’s a concertina, not an accordion. I CARE, THAT’S WHO.

  6. I’d let her shit in my laundry machine any day.

  7. Hold on, I’ve been trying to work while I read this, and I think I am missing an important explanation. Why does this article start with a picture of Islander’s wife?

  8. Look carefully and it seems she might be wearing pants. So not only is the caption wrong with regards to the instrument, she is probably not even taking a dump in the laundry machine. What has the world come to when you can’t even trust random pictures on the intertrucks to be accurate anymore?

  9. I just want the back story to the picture (no pun intended). If it isn’t fake, then what made you get naked and play the concertina while sitting in a laundry machine?

  10. I think Im gonna post that laundrey shitter picture on facebook, to see what people have to say about it, Hilarious!!!

  11. Hi, I would like to clear up a few things about this picture. First of all, she is wearing a strapless top and shorts. Second, that is a concertina. Third, there was no dare, but as I understand it, there was alcohol involved. Finally, she is definitely not crapping in the dryer. I have no idea what kind of dryer it is, but I would like to know who calls it a “laundry machine”.

    • These are good corrections. However, possibly the caption of the pic would have been slightly less funny had it read like this:

      “Just when you thought you had seen it all on the net, someone posts a pic of a girl in a strapless top and shorts sitting in a dryer while playing a concertina.”

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