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Seems like it was only last year that Varg Vikernes released the most recent Burzum album, Fallen, possibly because Fallen was released only last year. Nevertheless, Varg is already preparing to release another Burzum album this May, with the name of Umskiptar, which means “metamorphoses”. According to Varg, the album’s concept is “a deeply rooted European (i.e. Pagan) Stoic concept of changes. This concept was chosen in a world heading for a new Ice Age, and can therefore also be seen as critique of all the popular political movements of our age of lies.”

The lyrics (in Norwegian) are all drawn from a Norse poem called “Völuspá”. Varg explains that Umskiptar is “a return-to-the-roots album for me, with a strong focus on atmosphere and wholeness rather than anything else.” He also says that the vocals on the album “are more important than on any other Burzum album, and more varied too – and as honest as it gets.”

You don’t have to take Varg’s word for it — and of course no one in their right mind would take Varg’s word for much of anything — because at some point in the last 48 hours either he or someone acting with his approval someone also uploaded the entire new album to YouTube. As far as Burzum music is concerned, this is was pretty much an ideal situation for me, because it allows me to hear the music (a) without paying for it (because I really don’t want to give Varg any of my money), and (b) without stealing it (because I don’t even want to steal from Varg).

Also, I would like to applaud Varg for making it even easier not to take much of anything he says seriously by posting a batch photos to his web site and Facebook page yesterday, most of which I thought were just embarrassing. Specifically, he published 13 promo photos of himself as the “Hunter”, decked out in camouflage, wearing a helmet vaguely reminiscent of WWII-era German army headgear, and armed with . . . a crossbow. He also posted a different series of photos depicting himself as “WargaR”, garbed in chain mail and a Viking helmet but not really looking all that menacing.

These photos are unintentionally funny, because as far as I can tell Varg has no sense of humor. However, some of the FB comments on his photos make up for what he lacks. I especially liked this one that accompanied the following photo: “please varg, stop killing…..don’t kill that tree. please.”

© MC [www.burzum.org]

Here’s one of the “Warrior” photos:

© MC [www.burzum.org]

This photo looks less ridiculous:

© MC [www.burzum.org]

I do think the music should be considered on its own merits, separate from these photos and from the ugliness in some of Varg’s writings and utterances over the years.

Much as I’ve enjoyed a lot of Burzum’s music, Umskiptar is a letdown, at least on a first listen. There are moments that are engrossing, and even beautiful, but on the whole the album is deeply eccentric and dull. It’s like what you might have heard in a pagan coffeehouse, if Norse pagans had spent their time listening to spoken-word performance art in coffee houses instead of putting their neighbors to the sword and crossing the oceans in longboats.

The vocals are indeed varied, ranging from dramatic basso profundo intonations of the Norwegian poetic lyrics, to not-very-good clean singing, to the sharp edge of black metal rasping (I wish there had been more of the latter). I suppose it’s also true that the music is atmospheric, in the sense that it usually proceeds at a plodding pace and rarely quickens the pulse. As mentioned, there are moments when a spark of fire comes through the murk or a melodic passage captures the imagination, but those moments are infrequent. Too often, it simply sounds self-indulgent and pretentious.

These are first impressions based on one listen, and perhaps further listens would create a different impression, but at this point I’m not sure I care enough to put forth the effort. But of course you can make up your own mind. In this next YouTube clip, someone has helpfully created a montage of excerpts from each song, and I think the excerpts are well-chosen to give a quick sense of the album as a whole. After that, I’ve included a complete song — “Aera (Honour)” — which is the one I liked best on Umskiptar. If you want to listen to all the music, go to the YouTube channel you’ll find via this link you will have to wait until May.

UPDATE: You will notice in the following Comments a message from Marie Cachet asking me to remove the photos that appear in this post. Ms. Cachet is the photographer who took the Burzum promo photos for Umskiptar. I e-mailed her, and she agreed to give permission for my use of the photos in this post if I added the copyright information and links that you now see below the photos.

Ms. Cachet, who apparently is acting on Burzum’s behalf, also asked that I remove the YouTube clips that were embedded with the original version of this post.  I had thought these YouTube clips were uploaded with Varg’s approval because the administrator of the Burzum Facebook page posted the links on that page. I guess I don’t know for sure that this is really an official Burzum FB page.  In any event, whoever originally uploaded the album and the excerpt montage to YouTube have now taken down the music.

FURTHER UPDATE:  A full-album stream of Umskiptar appeared again on YouTube after the last update, and it has now been there for more than 9 months at this writing, apparently without a request to YouTube that t be removed. So, I’m including it again. And one of the reasons I’m adding it here, more than 9 months after I wrote the original post, is because the album has grown on me since I first heard it. I’ve come to appreciate it for what it is rather than what I wanted it to be.



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  1. That’s all well and good, but WHAT ABOUT THE CORN FLAKES?

    • How disrespectful. Also, I don’t believe you can hunt corn flakes, nor can they be killed with a crossbow.

    • Varg is completely against the Burzum facebook page. He has no control over it nor is he in any way related to it. Read the story “Thieves and Frauds” on Burzum.org.

      • Yeah, because Varg’s never once misrepresented his actions in order to look better. Believe that article if you want but his recent actions as Louis Cachet make it clear Varg was up to something.

        Also, Varg had a computer with him in prison. He had long leaves from prison. He understands how online media works. His protestations otherwise are comical at best. It’s a shame he’s clouding his music with his strange behavior.

        • After googling “Louis Cachet” on the interwebz this epic popcorn thread on a RPG board appears. Quite obvious that, in December 2009, Varg made his debut in the world of forums. Reading the posts by this Louis-Cachet-guy, it’s obvious that the Count is discussing here (and so far for “I have no accounts anywhere”, “I don’t do siscussions on the web” etc.)


          • you’re right, it must be him! I quote: “and I don’t see why we should mix Judeo-Christian
            beliefs into fantasy” – his favourite topic! o.O

            • oh, and he mentions “The Golden Bough” – obv. the only book he was allowed to read in prison
              and probably knows by heart…:) Whatever, I’m rather fond of him, even the more so after
              reading that thread <3

          • That was absolutely hilarious. Trust Varg to get banned from an rpg forum the first time he opens his mouth.

            Oh Varg, how can we balance this silliness with the music? From burning churches to annoying people about gaming…

            • I especially liked the part where he says he doesn’t take himself too serious.

              • really, if anyone has absolutely NO sense of self-mockery, it’s him….either he lives on a
                completely different planet or he is really trolling us all for all those years.

                • i think varg ia awesome and is a role model for rebellion against the system not only religion..my guess is that he matured in prison and we expect much more from him in anycase…trolling or no trolling..:) cheerzz

                  • Uh, interesting. I actually think he’s trying to overturn the current system so HIS system could rule instead. That or he’s an attention seeker, but who knows these days.


  3. And you must also remove the photographs, they are also under copyright law. Be anonymous on the Internet does not give the right to steal.

    Marie Cachet

    • Normally, I don’t make fun of people for bad grammar, but you strike me as kind of a twat.

      “And…” usually indicates the continuation of a thought. You seem to be slightly brain dead, so I doubt you have any thoughts to continue. Under international Keep-The-Stupid-At-Bay Law, you are not allowed to present yourself as if you were capable of thought.

      “Under copyright law” seems to be saying the photos are under a law or perhaps a set of law books. Which is clearly. NOT where the photos are. They’re on a website, which one would think you would know since that’s why you’re all crabby. For your inability to articulate your grievances in a clear manner, I sentence you to twenty days in Stupid School.

      Your last sentence has two verbs and no conjunctions. What the fuck are you trying to say?

      Finally, fuck that racist piece of shit, Buzrum. And you, too.

      • Wahmbulance alert. Someone call one up fast. Maybe English isn’t her first language dickhead. Lighten up.

      • Hahaha, really?? Who the fuck are you dude? Nobody, that’s who.

        Do you have any metal albums out? Have you iinfluenced any other musicians? Oh, that’s right, you don’t need any of that because you’re just another overly opinionated asshat with a blog and an unchecked ego. You’re so fucking corny. If you can’t accept extreme views in extreme music go grab a Disney album. Fucking clown.

      • Has it never occurred to you that English isn’t everyone’s first language? You do realise, imbecile, that the culture of “critiquing” people’s English over the internet, completely unaware of their ethnicity and language, is said to germinate in deeply-internalised racism? That’s right. The same racism you whinge about. A word of advice: one doesn’t have to be racist to have the intellectual capacity of a lobotomised goat, and you’re doing a great job demonstrating this point; you’re evidently another liberal clown who seems to think raging against racism alone is enough to make you look smart; wrong.

      • Under is a normal preposition for a law. And can be used to start a sentence in the context of a previous sentence which is thematically connected to the one which begins with “and”. The same rule applies to “but.” Look up “Starting sentences with a conjunction” on google if you don’t believe me. As for the original poster’s last sentence, the mistake has nothing to do with conjunctions – they simply failed to use the gerund form for their first verb, which is a very common mistake for people whose first language is not English.

        You might want to learn something about written English before you start writing posts. Or try posting in Norwegian and see how you get along, you ignorant fuck.

  4. If you want to hear the album and judge for yourself, you can get it from right here–> http://beatsandblood.blogspot.com/2012/04/new-urzum-album-umkiptar.html

  5. Marie would act on his behalf since she is Vargs wife.

  6. Varg’s latest letter on his website notwithstanding, it’s pretty clear he was the one who leaked his album. Louis Cachet is now a legal name of his and both Marie Cachet and Louis Cachet launched Facebook accounts recently. His new name is not well known and it seems very unlikely that someone would launch both accounts as pranks AND somehow “leak” his entire album shortly thereafter. Varg was engaging in some sort of antic that did not go as he wanted and now he’s disavowing it. C’mon Varg, just admit that you’re trolling Burzum fan sites using your new name. It’s no shame to have a Facebook account.

    And I almost feel sorry for his wife, Marie. She’s going to have to get her international copyright knowledge in check because those idiotic pictures of Varg are going to vex her if she intends to enforce copyright on every site that reproduces the pictures. Seriously, there’s a picture in the “warrior” series where Varg has his Viking helmet and spear (???) leaning against a tree as he squats in a very dropping-a-deuce sort of way, wearing chainmail while barefoot. That picture demands a good macro treatment. Of course, she could have saved herself a headache by letting Varg know he looked like a moron and should not post those pictures, but c’est la vie, as they say in France.

    • You people are fucking SHIT! Have you absolutely nothing better to do than sit on the computer and talk shit about Varg Vikernes. How cliche? You people fucking suck. No, not because “you bust on a hero”, which i’m sure that will be your next response … but because it’s stupid, boring and tiresome. grow the fuck up, listen to the record .. OR NOT and fuck off. Bunch of corny ass metal fans. There’s nothing wrong with the pics … look at your favorite gay metal band’s insert to one of their records … tell me whats in there? Maybe the vocalist trying to act tough? Maybe the guitar player trying to look evil? Maybe you listen to death metal? FUCKING HORRIBLE SHIT. Metal these days is so left wing its almost homosexual! Fuck metal culture, fuck you fake ass metal heads, fuck you judgemental pricks! youre losers!

    • Thanks for that info. Makes me feel somewhat less gullible for believing that Varg himself (or an authorized agent) originally posted the music on YouTube). I must say that despite what I wrote in the post, I’ve been tempted to listen to the album again. Parts of it continue to ring in my head, which says something, I think. Anyway, can’t do it now . . . I’m still not going to steal it.

      • Listen to the record for the love of pete! What the fuck? If you like it or love it … BUY IT! If not, then don’t. I think downloading is fine. And listening on youtube is fine. How else would you decide if you want to buy it? Do you get to test drive a vehicle before purchase? Yes. So what’s the big deal? I “Stole” ALL Varg’s records at one time or another. But guess what? I own every single one of them as well. And if he or anyone else thinks it’s wrong, then they’re full of shit.
        And leave Varg alone! If he “sucks” then shut up about him.

        • Well, I’ve heard it once while it was on YouTube, and I now think I’ll probably listen to it again, one way or another. And you must not have paid close attention to what I wrote. I don’t have a very high opinion of him as a person. However, there is no question he is a talented musician who has made a landmark impact on the genre, and I believe his music ought to be considered for what it is (especially because I have liked so much of it), regardless of what I think of him as a person. So, I wrote about the music — and also the embarrassing photos, of course.

  7. I don’t talk or post about musicians or people who I don’t like. That would mean that i’m giving them my time and effort. And if i’m so vehemently against them … why give them my time?

  8. The Vikernes case goes way beyond most people think.

    This guy is simply knowledgeless, psychotic. He got his crazyness from his mother, as did Breivik. No wonder both fathers packed the fuck away and buried themselves far from their offspring and wives.

    Vikernes is a murderer, and still a criminal as he is a master of tax evasion. He’s far from a genius, and he grew up in prison, which didn’t make the whole thing better. But i guess the family and some devoted, naive fans help him a lot, like the nutcase druidess that was running his labels in the 90’s. He’s a con.

    As everybody know, he owns millions (100 million NOK) to the state for the church burnings and other things. Not only he doesn’t want to pay (i understand the thing) but he plays poor guy when he piles up millions !

    Vikernes has piled up money through labels and screen companies, mostly in England, throught mostly his mother and the Norsk Heathen Front that he founded himself, despite him denying it, to get funds that he hijacked for himself. He has been later kicked/left out the NHF. Then come Cymophane, Misanthropy, Byebolog, etc. His tax reports in Norway show 0 as income and capital, on both names (Louis Cachet starts when Vikernes stop, that’s normal as he changed name in 2008) so do his reports in France (I have most of the French info throught my connections, the norwegian ones are public and easily findable. In Norway throught easy public searching you can find what is the color of your girl next door panties without spying on her laundry).

    His lawyer is a freemason (one of the scapegoats of Vikernes, hohoho) and is also a special man, that has the funny tendency to snitch criminals to his cop wife – and then, and then, John Christian Elden, it’s his name, defend them ! He has been involved in several foggy stories, most of them being “tabula razed” by his connections in the political landscape and the police.

    The funny thing is that the Vikernes case has been moving and making people dig a lot: fans, journalists, webzines, documentaries, etc – but still, most information easily accessible in Norwegian archives – even newspaper reports – never surfaced, mostly because Norwegian people, metalheads, journalist, don’t give a damn. He’s seen as a joke in Norway. As a parasite that doesn’t deserve anymore attention. To explain his sudden change of plan when he escaped, many people joke about that he wanted to see mommy or to drive to the infamous Death in June concert in Bergen, that happened some days after. He is a no-problem and a no-talk about in Bergen. As he never existed. In several prisons he was under very light surveillance and could go around without anyone caring. Nothing surface (pics, etc) but it could have. I mean the guy was not locked up in a dungeon.

    Mother is a dark one too, she financed herself a bunch of militia-redneck-nazi-wannabee gang that was supposed to help him in 1997 but the thing went down the drain and the prosecution was dropped because of the lack of proof – she got 20 000 bucks as compensation. In 2003 he escaped because he got wacked and threatened in prison by real bad guys (yes there is a few in Norway, Land of the spoiled teletubbies). His BMW, provided by a fellow inmate probably in exchange for some $$$, broke down so he got caught after GTA’ing a family and erratically driving around Oslo. He also had a stolen AG3 battle rifle hidden at the cabin he used to hide. He got what he wanted in the end because he was moved to another, more secured place in jail. He was moved again in 2007 for similar reasons: problems with other inmates. And the thing about getting into the Russian Army or the French Legion – ha ha ha – he wouldn’t have gotten throught the first round of selection, and the French Army doesn’t take in criminals since the early 90’s.

    Finding his real name was a 15 minutes easy information crossing on the net, the facebook pages (accessible in google cache), his trolling, his lunatic posting on skaldi and RPG forums (reminder: he is 40 !), etc. All pages look like the’ve been written by a 15 year old teenager. Don’t know if it’s part of his show or if really wanted to have a lay-low internet life, but i really doubt about the latter, when reading the nonsense he has been posting, which is an incitation to tracking the guy. It’s almost scary.

    The wife is more into crazy shit about Atlantis and Front National propaganda, with bad grammar and hillbilly political reckoness. She speaks / write good Norwegian though, which is quite a surprise. She has an Universitarian background, which is also surprising considering the stuff she writes, that looks more like self-research of the lowest level with a “funny” choice of bibliography. Don’t know how she got in/out of La Sorbonne with that. And I’m not even speaking about the writngs of Vargy, that I couldn’t manage to read entirely as they are unbelievably full of made up stuff and nonsense. Looks like somebody living outside of our world wrote them under acid.

    My opinion is that this guy is a mask, and a total wacko. Wonder if French Authorities and his neighbours know about this. The school teachers and so forth. Despite posting from Bergen on his blog, I doubt he lives here now. He sold his farm in Telemark, and both him and his wife are fiscally and legally settled in France.

    Loonies are loonies, but I’m just fucking worried for their kids. Really. Poor kids. This guy and his post-teenager muse-wife are a lie. Why doesn’t he play cards on the table? That would show some seriousness and maturity, but he never did. He still acts like the teenager he was, going to the dance party before turning rebel boy to get mommy’s attention and manipulate guys that were even less educated and more no-life than him. And the prison, even norwegian prisons where the cells are bigger than my flat, rarely change a man in good. What this guy needed was good psychatrics.

    Don’t buy his music, copy it. Don’t give a buck to this guy. Music is good, but the whole package is bullshit, lies, fantasy ans manipulation of his readers (=customers).

    Won’t post any private info, if you want them it’s not that hard to find.

    • Good point! It literally took me five minutes of info crossing to make 2+2 about those two mentals. Actually is quite sad if you think…Are you the guy behind “death Row for Traitors” blog? I could almost sense the same sharpness… if it´s that the case you should update the blog soon.

    • All I have to say is load a 12 gauge, put it in your mouth and pull the trigger, so we never again have to hear your ignorant horseshit you probably pulled from the friggin’ Lord of Lies. But then again when it comes down to it, who gives a flying rat’s ass about your clouded opinions, much like the majority of hating assholes on this pathetic excuse for a debate attempt.

      Just think of it like this; while all you people smack your fingers across your keyboard with what little life you have, Varg is back, living a peaceful and commendable life that most honest people would KILL for, and to top it off, he gives not one fuck what any of you idiots think. He has the balls to say fuck the world if they don’t like what he has to say. I bet you think steroids make your balls bigger? But then again you know how it goes, if you haven’t done anything to deserve recognition, bitch on the internet and hope some other similarly deluded asshat finds your comment so you can feel like less of an idiot. So go ahead, sarcastically mock and dispute this comment like you know something. Argues amongst yourselves over who’s going to start the circle jerk, and who’s going to be the one to eat the cookie, you bunch of shaved apes.

      Modern times make me sick, there is less respect than hell has to offer, and it’s only getting worse as time presses on so it all comes down to WHATEVER!

      Fuck yourself gently.

      • Mooorgan! Here you are, you fatass! And, as always, you’re late to the party, tub o’lard. 😀 Drop a few kilos and you’ll be faster next time. Try looking like Kristian Vikernes multiplied by 3 – y’know, by dividing your current weight by 2. 🙂

    • Omg thank you so much, sometimes I read his website and I go crazy wondering if he’s right or wrong. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, like I feel the need to prove him wrong. I’m white, but not under his ‘standards. Haha and about Marie, before I even knew how she looked like…I kinda assumed that’s how she would look. Like even though she is blonde and blue eyes, her features are very middle eastern…the long skinny nose…small lips…long head….tiny eyes…so I’m pretty sure she’s not 100% ‘aryan’ …maybe a few generations back she had more Mediterranean relatives. Well thank you so much for posting this, it made me feel so much better. All the lunatics who are replying back with hate mail need to chill out, because this Varg keeps spewing hate…thus generating it. AND oh yeah, what is his explanation for blonde/blue eye jews? Bar Refaeli?! She’s gorgeous!

      • Sarah, Varg is trying to get us to open our eyes to our Nordic/Germanic culture and i think you critising his wife and family is out of order. I would be furious if you put down my fiancee in a immature fashion. As for “chill out” NO WAY! The Jews refer to non-Jews as Goys, which is short for Goyhim, which is Hebrew for cattle. This is demeaning. The chief Rabbi of Isael, Ovadia Yosef, has gone on record as saying,”non-jews are here to serve jews!” This must not happen. In the sacred Hebrew scripts, The Talmud, it states” The best of the Gentiles(non-jews) must be killed.” With the art of Burzum, Bathory and authors such as Snorri Sturluson, they are keeping our traditions alive which Jewish/Christians have tried to destroy such as Emperor Constantine, by forcing our ancestors to conform by force, to the Jewish influenced religion, Christianity. We need works such as “Umskiptar” to keep our true Germanic/Nordic/AngloSaxon and Asatru traditions alive.

        • Yes it’s true I shouldn’t have said that about his wife, but what I said it mild compared to the beliefs they have of non-Scandinavian people.
          He thinks everyone else is a reject, which is much more hateful, and the observation I made are true. Like I said I am white,. but my uncle married to a middle eastern girl who
          is the spitting image of her but instead has light brown & green eyes. Who cares what’s written in the Hebrew scriptures? There’s a million things written
          in the Bible/Qur’an/Scriptures that nobody practices anymore. Did you actually really read the Torah? Or did you
          blindly believe Varg? What they are doing is no different that religion. There are blonde, and blue eyed jews (who look more European that I do, and I was raised a
          Christian) where do THEY stand? Because at the end of the day it all boils down to genetics anyways for these people. The whole neanderthal argument thing
          only proves that mostly everyone in the Northern/Eastern Hemisphere might have descended, just wait until an official study is conducted – or you should
          go our and actually study this yourself instead of trusting someone blindly (I study Genetics in Germany) and from what Varg is claiming…there’s so many
          factors to even consider rather than jumping into conclusions…so the chances are slim. As a soon to be doctor, it’s really hard for me to actually see
          patients as not equal, because no matter what race they are- the procedures and medicine is always the same.

          • Sarah, yes i have read the Torah but it was the Talmud i mentioned-look above. I make my own judgements but i happen to agree with Varg on a lot of things aswell as beign a fan of his music. I do care what is written in the Monothestic religions because people follow them blindly, such as the Zionists calling non-jews cattle. And the Koran & Bible have links to the Torah. By recording a fantastic piece of such as “Umskiptar” he alerts people of the Elder Edda, which is of the true Germanic/Nordic/AngloSaxon people. Jews with blonde hair and blue eyes would be people who have mated with Germanic/Nordic race, but if they are Jew by tradition by reading the Talmud and refering to us a cattle, then i would not treat them as my equal. This GOY referance by them(Jews) is demeaning.

            • These are your views, and you have the right to believe them. Varg’s scientific studies
              and conclusions are the ones that bother me the most- they are highly flawed. His
              process of finding clues isn’t effective because as soon as he finds the tiniest of connections
              between something, he makes a big deal and trusts it fully. His ideas are only theories now,
              and as a advocate of science I do appreciate that he’s actually trying to find some facts to
              back up his claims, but he cannot boast about it until he has sufficient proof. He gains all his beliefs
              by only possibilities, much like any other religion, and without solidity. Yes I am aware that most religions
              are all linked, such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. They are just titles, forms of identity
              and nothing else, they do not affect the blood of humans. If everyone on earth stop taking religion so seriously it would end all our problems. Varg even said that he doesn’t like Christianity because it makes
              the jews seem like special people, and I think he’s just a little jealous that some people actually
              believe that. He wishes it was Scandinavian people instead.
              I have never had problems with Jewish people, and they have never caused
              anything negative to occur to me personally in my life span. What they have done to others
              is none of my concern, and I think its wrong to generalize them all. Like I don’t believe
              all Muslims are terrorist, or all Christian to be blind Jesus Freaks. I just do not like extremists,
              Muslims/Jewish/Christian/Vegan/Feminists whatever …who try to scream in your face about their
              beliefs. And I think that Varg Vikernes is an extremist to a certain extent. He won’t be alive to
              ever witness this ‘White Utopia’ of his, so why does he bother? I do agree with the original
              post reply, that he has some mental disorders, some of which seem to lean towards a self
              destructive OCD kind of thing. If you reply, I will gladly read what you have to say, but I do not
              wish to argue anymore because we both know that we’ll never change each others mind.
              Thank you for taking your time to read this.

              • No Sarah we won’t change each others mind. As the same to you, you have a right to belive what you belive as i do. I’m very proud of the Nordic/Germanic/AngloSaxon time and heritage and others who keep that alive, such as Bathory, Burzum and Snorri Sturluson and i don’t agree with been called Goy(cattle.) This is my issue with Zionism and its influence. But we’ll end the argument now. Thank you.

  9. Thank you for posting this, though I guess none of it comes as a big surprise…He’s never been known for his
    integrity and his honorable, law-abiding way of life, has he? 🙂 The real phenomenon is that those facts don’t put people off. Imo you can know all this and still like his music; be fascinated and at the same time appalled by him. Without being naive.

  10. Haha, no.

    I stumbled on their facebook pages by coincidence maybe 2 month ago, I have strong connections to Norway and France, among others. Most people liking (or hating) the guy just see it throught L.O.C, rumours and his own propaganda. But when you do research… it’s another story

    I don’t know him, maybe he’s full of love and is smart a something, but what he says, write, pretend, is either lie, manipulation, nonsense or pure rubbish.

    Posting here was also a coincidence because it’s one of the only place that speak about his “new identity” (facebook pages are deleted now) so I just wanted to share some informations and opinions I think are important – way more than who killd who for what reason – I mean, this side of Vikerne’s life is probably the less foggy – as he paid for his sins. When he says on his website any other murderer would have gotten 10 years tops, he’s quite right. Some months ago in Bergen a guy killed another one with his bare hands, for no reason, he got 4 (four) years !

    Yeah, music is good, but appalled? No. Only desperate, or undereducated people are appaled by such terminology and propaganda, whatever the topic or political side.

    So no, I’ve nothing to do with deathrowfortraitors and I’m against death row as a sentence. But I’m for death row for economical reasons and to suppress the risk than an individual can strike again when released, if released. Ta speak about him again because it’s all over the news, I would myself slice the throat of Anders Breivik. Not to punish him, because he doesn’t care (or says so). But to save taxpayer’s money, and avoid that he goes out when he can still run, have boners and cock a Ruger.

    • I agree with your thoughts on punishment in general. The facebook pages I have also seen and wondered if they could be real since they were sooo clichéd, I mean come on. Are him and Marie really living clichés? Does she only have one foto of herself…would she not protect her page if she had one etc. But then who would take the effort and create those pages? I sincerely don’t know. Fact is he obviously is a pathological liar. Who knows, maybe in reality he likes and supports jews, believes in Kabbala, works for human rights watch and has a ghostwriter create
      Burzum music….
      Oh, one thing I also wondered: would he be allowed to move to France during probation? I thought he had to
      report once in a while and I don’t think probation is over yet…?

      • Actually I think we are going a little bit off topic….. I agree with you on a general line anyway. I think that one should not read, or try to read, too deep when it comes to Varg. I think his actions, mistakes, changing with the tide is as simple as it looks. Just plain stupidity, most likely some psychological disorder, I mean it doesn´t take a shrink to understand that the guy is delusional and completely disconnected with reality. Pure and simple.
        Of course you can discuss forever if it´s some sort of marketing strategy or whatever but… is really important?
        I personally enjoy is music post jail, absolutely despite his stupid ideology, but at the end is quite entertaining.

  11. Yet another blog thread whereupon liberal imbeciles think sooking about Varg Vikernes equates with displaying intelligence; let me guess: racism is dumb and as contemptible as it gets, but misogyny is good to go? There is no greater hypocrisy, or idiocy, than a bunch of metalheads crying about racism and then listening to music made by misogynist shitbags as evidenced in the more favourable “reviews” on this indie hipster kid shit website.

    • Indie hipster kid shit website? We’ve been called a lot of things, but that’s a first. How many reviews did you actually read? I also have no idea what point you were trying to make about the condemnation of racism, other than you’re pissed off about something.

      • Then evidently you lack the intellectual prowess to process what was a rather clear and consise observation. Read through this thread and most comments have little to no focus on Vikernes’s musical oevre and intead focus on his questionable politics and principles to insult him. These may not be above and beyond critique either but it’s fairly obvious the above fools belong among the flock of liberal imbeciles whose mantra appears to be of “Racism is dumb so if I lambast Racists that and that alone will elevate my intellectual shortcomings to “smart” right?” It’s not as if misogynst bands are not celebrated here – self-righteous hypocrites who sook about nationalism and racialism only to give a green light to misogyny are as thick as posts; plain, simple. Oh, and as far as indie hipster kid shit is concerned; the site treats Palms, Pelican, and other “metal” bands favourably. I rest my case.

        • I got your point about hypocrisy — I’m not THAT dense. What I don’t get is why anyone who is genuinely offended by racism would criticize other people who condemn racism because they’re not equally vigilant in also condemning misogyny or other forms of bigotry.

          And I can tell I’d get nowhere debating your labeling of this site, since you seem convinced despite the fact that we treat a vast array of metal bands “favorably”, including a lot of black metal bands. I assume that given your views of this site you will now move along to one more worthy of your attentions. Adios.

        • Oh dear…

          This is hilarious – a person so lacking in basic logic that he doesn’t recognize he is using a logical fallacy snarking about
          someone else’s intellectual prowess. Just for the record, the fallacious reasoning you are engaging in has a name – false
          dilemma. When someone offers a false dilemma, one says, for example, that because one is not discussing or condemning
          misogyny to a mental weakling’s satisfaction, that means that the discussions about racism are specious, that one must
          condemn both to condemn one.

          Burzum was around a long time before hipsters started wearing Aske shirts ironically. Varg/Louis’ racism and bizarre
          beliefs have been discussed long before people like you took umbrage at all the hipsters and assume everyone who knows
          about the band must be a hipster. You aren’t that special. You don’t get to tell anyone how to discuss a 20-year-old band just
          because you don’t think the womyn are treated fairly on this site.

          Oh, and just to clarify, finding racism anathema is not the sole purview of “liberal imbeciles.” I think you’ll find a lot of
          conservative imbeciles, libertarian geniuses, average Joes and abnormal freaks think racism is a bad idea at best. It cuts across
          political identity and IQ.

          Are you, by chance, 15-years-old and convinced of your indie cred? If not, you sure sound like you are. And if not, you may
          want to look into why you do.

    • Mmmmmh, considering the style of writing and pertinence of M. post I assume that Varg´s wife is still among us, even though her peanut-sized brain has left us many years ago… sad sad sad. 🙁

  12. Can Varg do anything right in anyones eyes! He made a fantastic album of rerecorded classic Burzum tracks and people slated him for it, yet From the Depths of Darkness blows away the Burzum debut! Now people are saying Umskiptar is dull, what a stupid statement, i got the cd yesterday and i’ve played it repeatedly for two days its a captivating metal album with volkish/neofolk influences with ambience. Burzum write captivating music hypnotic with atmosphe either with guitars, keyboards, growling or singing. Umskiptar, an excellent piece of work.

  13. How stupid are you M(arie cachet not even french) !? Stop taping some silly-ass fires in the middle of silly-ass woods for silly-ass claims that don’t make sense at all ! I am the only neandro out there guuuuuuuuuurl ! ;-o

  14. Quero trepar com sua mãe

  15. Some very bad ass riffs. But at times he needed a full about jingle or melody or something. The whole thing felt unraveled. And then there was the whole talking at a very paced and low tone throughout the whole album. Almost all the time. He should have broken that up this is a record not a book.

    And he should have sped it up at times. I get the feeling especially when I get ideas of how he really could have gone hard; but at those moments he holds us back the hardest.

  16. author is such a noob: this “vaguely reminiscent headgear” is a typical german ww2 PARATROOPER helmet

  17. Hey talking about those fb profiles I found this:
    https://www.facebook.com/marie.cachet.50 (seems like you need to be logged in facebook to see it)

    I still think her french is very odd… What is written on atala.fr looks more like a poor google translation than real french.
    I also heard a rumor about louis cachet being Marie’s dad instead of Varg himself !

    Or maybe all of this is a bunch of gossip varg made up himself to catch some attention ?

    • It’s easy to believe that he made all of this up. I mean he’s a very private person, and it’s close to impossible
      for anyone to get all this information and pictures that are not published on his website. Especially this whole
      leaked album thing because he actually records it with old fashioned equipment, so for it to get leaked
      off his very secure internet line seems unlikely. I honestly think he;s bored, all he does his hang around his farm,
      and no matter how much he loves nature, consistency always gets boring.

  18. I’ve now posted a few additional thoughts/reconsiderations about Umskiptar in the context of reporting about the film called “ForeBears” that Marie Cachet and Varg have made, which will be released in March 2013:


  19. Hey.!! BURZUM Fan To Every Guy.

  20. I love the Guy & he rules…!!!

  21. Guys… this site is Pete’s expression of his midlife crisis. Not only does the dude have no taste in music, he hires fucking idiots to run his site. Sorry Pete, but that includes your kids. What? Can’t take the heat? Stay out of the kitchen. Go listen to some 7eyes7horns or whatever you faggots listen to up in Seattle.

  22. VARG VIKERNES & MARIE CACHET home address:
    19510 Las Fleytias (road labelled as D85), Salon-la-Tour, France

    Let´s all bake a cake, hide a saw in it and deliver it at their door. Sweet. 😉

  23. Varg is the first King Jr.
    Tres bonne

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